They Might Be The Oldest Couple In The Dance Contest, But Their Moves Will Astound You

Updated September 6, 2016

Doesn’t it seem like some people are just born to dance? While talent can be inherited from parents or grandparents, dancing is by no means something you can’t learn. On the contrary, it is a very learnable art that is extremely fun and mesmerizing to behold.

But Charlie and Jackie might just have been born to dance. For their entire lives, they’ve been moving about on the dance floor, perfecting their favorite thing to do. Recently, the elderly duo stole the show when they displayed their beautifully fluid moves for everyone watching. And since their performance was caught on video, now everyone on the internet is falling in love with them too.

Watch Charlie and Jackie wow everyone in their performance below!

Just because someone is old doesn’t mean they can’t dance or do other talented things. We’ve showcased a number of older people blowing minds and breaking down walls. For example, the 80-year-old Janey completely made Simon Cowell rethink his age-limit on talent. When it comes down to it, your age is just a number and doesn’t mean much.

Watch Charlie and Jackie and you’ll see why it is important not to judge a book by its cover. They’re proof that you’re never too old to go after your passions and enjoy the most out of life.

In the video, Jackie and Charlie take the dance floor to demonstrate their exhibition.

The married couple walks out to the center of the floor to much applause. It seems like the audience in attendance is already aware that these two people can dance their butts off. They seem eager to watch their performance and feel young again.

As soon as the music starts, you’ll be mesmerized by how these people move their feet. It’s like they’re not made out of flesh and bones, but water and jelly!

“Oh you look good,” a man calls out to Jackie as she dances on the floor. “Make it work Jackie. Oh yeah!”

The couple seem to glide and float on the dance floor. Their spins are immaculate and their moves are precise and perfected.

The audience erupts in cheers as they draw the awesome routine to a close.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it don’t get no better than that!” says the emcee and when you watch, you’ll have to agree!

Since the video has been uploaded online, it has been watched more than 1.3 million times on Rumble. The video description on the clip reads: “It is almost unbelievable how amazing this dance duo moves with such ease in their old age! Watch Charlie and Jackie steal the show as they display their breathtaking dance moves. Awesome!”

People have not been shy about sharing their comments concerning the performance. Here’s what some people wrote:

  • “Hi, i enjoyed dance, believe me its amazing, so experienced and timely steps. Great dance. Now i am thinking that i must start a new category of dance on my website Whats your opinion dudes???”
  • “What an absolute pleasure to watch. Fantastic!”
  • “awesome couple, love the way they dance!”
  • “Amazingly fun and beautiful!!!”

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