They Nervously Line Up With Their Arms Straight Out And Heads Down. Now Watch The One In The Middle

Updated January 26, 2016

Acrobats are truly talented people, one of the few professions that is really remarkable left. From contorting their body to throwing each other up in the air, acrobats are working to put on a fantastic show every moment they are performing.

One of the most intricate and impressive performances of all time was the Ukraine Acrobatics team at Worlds in 2010. From their first movement through the choreographed dance and through to the brilliant ending – every single second of this clip is breathtaking!

The fact that these women can pull off incredible feats of physical strength and agility is amazing enough, but they do it all at the same time, working together! In seemingly impossible conjunction, these women fall to the ground, rise back up, leap in the air – and most impressively, climb on top of each other.

Once they get the smaller girl up in the air any awards were theirs – a perfect performance topped off by a feat of physical strength unlike anything I have ever seen. These tiny, petite women are stronger than anyone I have ever seen, yet quick and agile as a cat. Try and think of an athlete with more raw talent than an acrobat and you are going to be hard pressed – it’s no surprise they got such a great score!

What do you think is the most impressive sport in the world, if not acrobatics? Sound off in the comments!