They Thought It Was A Normal Singing Trio. But What Happened Left The Judges’ Jaws On The Floor

Updated December 1, 2016

While looking to share their performance with the world, the ladies of Miss Tres from the Philippines picked up their microphones and started to sing for the judges of “Asia’s Got Talent.” The judges were struck by their good looks and were distracted by their skimpy outfits.

But as soon as these mild-mannered ladies sang the first note, every judges’ and audience members’ jaws simultaneously dropped. And yours will too! Why? Because Miss Tres has a huge secret that they’re just waiting to share with you.

Check out this viral sensation below and see if you can figure out what they’re hiding before the big reveal gives it all away!

Their performance on Asia’s Got Talent didn’t just shock the audience because of their great singing abilities. No, they have a surprise in store for you that you’ll need to see to believe.

As you’ll notice, when the singing trio gets on stage, the male judges begin to act like they would around pretty women. They primp their clothes and smile at the women, who they find very attractive. In response, the girls giggle and smile and seem to be very lovely.

But after the big reveal, everything about Miss Tres shocked the judges and the audience present in the studio and you watching at home. Why?Keep reading to learn their secret…

Advertising themselves as comedians and performers, the three people in Miss Tres are between the ages of 32 and 40. When the beat drops and they take their places, one by one they turn toward the judges and prepare to sing.

What do you think these performers are hiding?

It’s simple really. These shy looking women are all actually men!

It is all revealed as they sing with gruff, masculine voices while wearing skimpy clothing and lots of makeup. The incongruity between what we see and what we hear is why these talented singers are so funny.

At first everyone in reeling in shock. But in moments after the initial surprise wears off, everyone is clapping and dancing along to the music. They really are quite good!

But it takes a while before the audience is able to understand what has happened. These performers still look like women, but they sound just like men.

“Wow, they are amazing!” one of the announcers says with excitement. They couldn’t be more right!

At the 2-minute mark everyone in the audience is standing up. The judges are clapping. They love it.

“I did not see that coming,” one of the judges says. “I have to say. With your outfit and the voice, you really got our attention.”

Now the whole world loves Miss Tres. And here are just a few responses happy viewers wrote about the drag queen performance.

“Just amazing how they can change their voice just like that. I wished I could do that. Theres no way I could ever sound like a girl.”

One fan shared some sad news about Miss Tres: “Mia died around September this year. As what I’ve heard, it’s lung cancer that took her life. I’m not sure though. May she RIP.”

What is your reaction to their performance?

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