They Took Their Disabled Son To See A Baseball Game, But The Man In Front of Them Ruined Their Day.

Updated August 4, 2017

If you’re not from New York, you probably don’t need another reason to hate the Yankees. But when you see how a typical New York Yankee fans reacts to a disabled boy sitting behind him, you’ll be sick to your stomach. After the young child accidentally kicks the Yankee fan’s seat who is sitting in front of him, the man turns around and starts cursing out the developmentally disabled boy who wears a helmet. Although the family trip to the Yankees game was supposed to be fun, it quickly turned into one of the worst days of this 4-year-old child’s life.

Because Angelica DiMarco wanted to expose her son to some of life’s pleasures, she bought tickets to a Yankee game and brought the family down to the Bronx from Harrison, New York. But when the boy took his seat, a Yankee fan turned around and began hurling insults at the little child because he was developmentally disabled.

DiMarco’s son, Luciano, has sensory problems and has trouble understanding social cues. This can explain why he has unruly behavior at times and was acting out at the Yankees-Reds game this last week. But despite his issues, the little boy is only 4-years old. The Yankee fan could have given the child a break when he turned around and saw him. But no, the New Yorker laid into the kid and made him feel like trash.

Luciano was kicking the man’s seat and had on a helmet to protect himself from hitting his head on hard objects. Although her son was kicking the man’s seat, DiMarco was shocked when the man turned around and cursed out the little child when he could have simply asked him to stop kicking the chair nicely.

“He may have kicked a man’s seat that was sitting in front of us with excitement,” DiMarco told News 12.

But the Yankee fan was not about to let a child kick his seat. He quickly turned around and shouted at Luciano calling him “retarded” and continuing to berate him in public. And although What Would You Do? is often filmed in the New York area, no one stepped forward to help protect Luciano from the aggressive baseball fan.

To make matters worse, Yankee Stadium security ignored DiMarco when she asked for help to protect her son from the enraged Yankee fan.

“We asked for a place for him to go [away from the aggressor]. We were told if we leave the stadium, we can’t come back in.”

The tough-guy Yankee fan certainly felt powerful cursing out a 4-year-old disabled boy.

While this guy completely ruined Luciano’s baseball experience, he never faced any consequences for his despicable behavior. The Yankee stadium security staff did nothing to stop the man from verbally abusing the boy. They did not even talk to him and ask him to stop. With 54,000 seats in the stadium, it is unreasonable to expect the same level of comfort at home in your recliner. Yet, this Yankee fan grew outraged when a little child kicked his seat.

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