They Trained Horse To Learn One Strange Trick. Video Of It Is Going Viral [watch]

Updated April 19, 2017

When a young woman walked into the stables, the New Jersey horse was ready to show off his new-found talent. The horse apparently had developed an obsession with zippers, and when he realized that the young woman was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, he wanted to get to work.

As the horse, which lives at a stable in Randolph, New Jersey, quickly approaches the young woman, she doesn’t know what to expect. But as the horse reaches its snout closer to her abdomen, he does the last thing she expected him to do.

The horse grabs the woman’s zipper between its teeth and then moves it up and down along the seam. In the clip below, the horse displays his talents for fashion. Check out this talented animal below!

When the video starts, the horse is already close to the young woman’s zipper. He is trying to grab it between his teeth and can be seen frantically get it just right.

The woman is rightfully nervous because she has never been around the horse before. But the other young lady, the one behind the camera, assures her that the horse is just trying to grab the zipper.

“He’s trying to get it,” the woman behind the camera shouts. Meanwhile, the girl with the zipper jacket has a look of fear on her face. She has probably never been this close to horse teeth before.

But as soon as the horse gets a good grip on the zipper, the animal begins moving it up and down. The horse has found his passion and it is zippers.

The young woman seems to find as much joy as the horse. She laughs along as the horse moves the zipper up and down.

The 14-second video was uploaded last week. It had the caption: “This horse was very playful. When he spotted a girl nearby wearing a hoodie, he immediately grabbed onto the zipper with his mouth and vigorously moved it up and down.”

Readers have shared countless comments about the funny clip. Here are a few popular ones from Daily Mail:

“Absolutely adorable! Made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing!”

“My mare used to do this too. Plus she loved playing with velcro strips and press studs so I was always having to refit the hoods on my jackets. She would whip hats of my head and gloves from my pocket and drop them in a handy puddle deliberately. She also carefully stretched my knicker elastic a few times and then twanged me with it. It was all very deliberately done.”

“They love walking over and casually restyling your hair as well so you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.”

“A very smart horse ! I once saw a horse opening a tap , drank some water and then walk away.., shared a New Jersey resident.

Would you have reacted the same way as the young woman if a horse did that to you?

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