They Were In Love For Over 62 Years. But When I Found Out How They Died? I Got Goosebumps All Over..

Updated February 9, 2016

Sometimes love stories in real life are better than what you’d expect from a movie. And for one couple, six decades of marriage culminated in one of the most beautiful gestures ever seen.

Now the story of their life, and death, is going viral.

Learn about the elderly New York couple who died just hours apart while holding hands.

When Ed went to a county dance in New York back in 1952, he set eyes on Florine, and his heart stopped. It was the first night Florine went out since she got gravely injured in a car crash that killed her first husband. But when the pair met, they knew they shared something special.

Ed didn’t hesitate. Shortly after their meeting he proposed to marry her. Florine’s family said no saying she was in a very fragile state considering her first husband was just killed.

But Ed promised Florine’s family that he would protect her until the day he died. And for the next 62 years, he did just that.

Then in 2014, Ed got a leg injury and his condition worsened. He went to the hospital. Little did he know that Florine was to be hospitalized days later with congestive heart failure.

Ed and Florine’s grandson Keenan Hirsch flew from San Diego to New York to try and see his grandparents one last time. But he was too late. Instead, he captured images that have since gone viral.

Ed waited until his wife passed before he took his last breath 36 hours later.

Watch the video report below for more details and images from the better-than-Hollywood love story!

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