They Weren’t Expecting Much From Her Performance. But Seconds After The Music Starts? Jaws Drop

Updated February 23, 2016

When Jennie Lena appeared on The Voice of Holland, her single-minded goal was to force the judges to their feet. Starting with the first note of her song, she accomplished just that.

The young, confident singer did an amazing rendition of the Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You” where she not only blows the judges away but the entire studio audience as well.

From the first note of her performance, Jennie inspired all four judges to hit their “I want you!” buttons straight away.

What’s the point in waiting when the contestant has a voice like an angel?

During her initial riff, Jennie’s voice mesmerizes the judges and all onlookers as shivers rise up their spines and they cheer in excitement.

But when she actually starts singing the song, the judges’ jaws drop and they can’t control their excitement.

“Oh boy!” one judge says.

The young singer with the winged eyeliner completely impressed everyone and maintained her composure during the performance.

See how at the 1-minute mark her voice FORCES the judges to their feet!

Are you impressed by Jennie Lena’s voice?

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