Thief Attempts To Steal Lady’s Bike, Has No Idea Cowboy Is Nearby To Serve Up Street Justice

Updated May 24, 2017

Have you ever seen someone committing a crime but didn’t know what to do to stop them? Chasing them down might result in them assaulting you, and calling the police will mean they get away. Most of us see someone committing a crime and don’t know what to do, so we do nothing. But one Oregon bull rider knew exactly what to do when he saw a thief stealing a woman’s bike at his local Wal-mart store. What he did to stop the culprit will shock you. Read on to find out how he roped the criminal into confessing.

On an average, everyday trip to the grocery store in Eagle Point, Oregon, one woman found herself the victim of a crime when a man attempted to steal her bicycle from her. As the thief was making a run for it, something quite unexpected happened.

Cowboy Robert Borba, a local bull riding champion, was riding past the scene on horseback when he heard the woman shout.

“’Stop him! Stop him! He stole my bike! He stole my bike!’ And I kind of look around and all of a sudden this guy goes whizzing by me on a bicycle,” Robert said.

Borba saw what was happening and sprung into action. He took off after the bike thief on his horse in hot pursuit and looked for a way to trap him. That’s when an idea came to him. The twenty eight year old cowboy pulled out his lasso and roped the culprit. The lasso tied the suspect’s ankle, and Borba was able to hold him until the police arrived.

“A couple swings and then I threw it at him, just like I would a steer,” Borba said.

“He’s like, ‘What are you doing, man? You got a badge?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I ain’t got a badge,’” Borba recalled.

Once the thief was secured and Borba was sure he couldn’t run off again, the cowboy called 911 and explained the situation to the operator on the other end of the phone.

“We got a guy who just stole a bike here at Walmart. I got him roped and tied to a tree,” he said on the call.

“What!?” the operator said.

“I got him roped from a horse and he’s tied to a tree.” The fearless cowboy explained.

When local police officer Adams arrived on the scene, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “I looked up and from the horse there was a rope connected to the ankle of a gentleman on the ground holding onto a tree,” Adams said.

What did Borba want in return for his heroic actions? Nothing at all. He was just trying to do the right thing, he says.

“If it was my wife or my little girl, I would hope somebody would help her if I wasn’t around,” he said.

What do you think of what Robert Borba did in order to catch a thief? Do you think it was heroic, or vigilante justice? Did his actions save the day, or put people at risk? There are many ways to look at this story. Tell us what you think by sharing your thoughts, stories, and opinions in the comments section below.