This 3-Year-Old Is Watching The Football Game. But What He Does When He Hears The Band Playing? LOL!

Updated February 2, 2016

As young children, our reality is much different than what an adult perceives. Children’s imaginations are much more vivid and realistic. Remember trying to avoid the rug because you thought it was hot lava?

One of the best things about being a kid was getting absorbed in our daydreams and fantasies. Transporting ourselves to another place and time entirely.

For one little boy, he dreams of nothing else than becoming just like his heroes on the football field. While many boys might look up to the players, he is most inspired by the musicians in the marching band.

When the music starts playing, Max, the little boy in the orange sweatshirt, immediately starts jumping up and down. He’s enthralled and so excited he can’t contain himself.

Max runs up and down the football field dancing to the music of the drum corps and marching band.

Then at the 45-second mark, Max grabs a flag off the ground and starts waving it just like the baton bearers in the band.

It’s absolutely adorable how Max flips the flag up into the air just like those on the field.

As you keep watching, it becomes clear that Max actually has all the moves memorized. He even does some of them before the performers on the field. This is quite impressive for a 3-year-old boy.

Keep watching the little tyke perform with pure joy and abandon. He doesn’t care who’s watching or not. He’s just having a great time!

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