This Alaskan Island Of 400 People Is About To Be Wiped Off The Face Of This Earth. The Reason? YIKES

Updated May 19, 2016

We have all heard about the effects of climate change. But no matter how much evidence there is to support it, it’s hard for you and me to see how it actually affects our lives.

But for many people in Alaska, the threat is real. Their homes won’t be around much longer…

“As it stands now, my current home may not exist 10 years from now,” Millie Hawley, president of the tribal council of the small Alaskan town of Kivalina, said.

These are the words Hawley used before he introduced President Obama before he gave a speech on September 2, 2015 during his visit to Kotzebue, located approximately 75 miles southeast of Kivalina.

About 400 people live in Kivalina. But soon enough, no one will be able to live there – because it will be underwater.

“Waves sweep across the entire island at times, from one side clear across the other,” explained the U.S. president, whose plane flew over the town. “And for many of those Alaskans, it’s no longer a question of if they’re going to relocate, but when.”

In order to relocate the people of Kivalina, it would cost more than $100 million. Imagine the expense, if whole parts of southern Florida need to be relocated…

Diane Ramouth, vice chair of the tribal council of Selawik which is close to Kivalina, said that “this is a very, very dire situation that we’re in if our United States government is going to allow our communities to no longer exist.”

Ice melting is the most widely known cause of the rising waters that threaten these communities.

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