This Bear Was Stuck In This Trap And Ready To Die. But Then He’s Rescued. How He Thanks Them? WOW!

Updated June 6, 2016

It is always horrible to hear about animals being treated terribly because people reading the stories can do little to nothing to help these animals, and it is known that there are always more out there in the same deplorable condition.

There is much talk happening about chickens kept in cages that prevent them from being able to walk, communicate, or in some cases even stand up.

You may think that only happens to chickens, but it happens to bears too, specifically in the the eastern part of the world because of their healing properties that can be extracted from them.

One bear was found in a bile farm in China in some of the most deplorable conditions that rescuers have ever seen.

The bear named Ceasar was jammed into a tiny cage, stuck in a room with no sunlight, as was attached to a metal waist belt which was extremely painful, making it hard for her to move a single inch.

This was all in an effort to collect bile from Ceasar, which is a greatly desired substance because it has many uses in traditional Chinese medicine and healing potions.

Rescuers found that Ceasar had suffered an open wound on her side, where there was bile draining from her gallbladder so that her captors could collect it.

Animals Asia, the rescue organization that found and set Ceasar free commented that it was the wort imaginable bile farm torture they had ever seen.

Ceasar was taken out of the metal waist belt that had kept her in chains all this time, and was taken to Animal Asia’s Chengdu Sanctuary, where she is having an amazing time living a finally free life of happiness and love from her caretakers.

Over the years, she was been rebuilding her strength from the awful condition that she used to live in , and is regrowing back her giant, fluffy, majestic coat of fur.

Though this is one rescue story about a bear, there are many more stuck in similar conditions as Ceasar, and Animals Asia wants to make sure they rescue as many as possible.

Bile farms were first recorded as being used during the Tang Dynasty in 659 A.D. and have been in use ever since.

The main three types of bears used in bile farming are the Brown Bear, the Asiatic Black Bear, and the Sun Bear, all of which can be found in that part of the world.

Bile farming also was responsible for the 49% decrease in wild bear population from 1980 to 2010, so many people are recognizing the ecological danger that such practices are having on the environment and want to do everything they can to bring bile farming to a halt once and for all.

If you want to learn more about Ceasar, the conditions he was living in, his rescue, and how she is doing now in her new home, check out the video below to see some real pictures and let us know if you have ever had any experience with a bile based potion before in the comments below!