This Could Be America’s Biggest Alligator. South Carolina Park Footage Will Give You Nightmares.

Updated July 31, 2017

When a wildlife camera activated at the Caw Caw Interpretative Center County Park in South Carolina, no one expected to capture a monster on film. But because there was a lot of alligator activity reported in the area, they thought it would be best to install the camera to know what was going on at night. However, when they reviewed the wildlife camera footage later, they watched as a gargantuan alligator lumbered past, nearly brushing its sharp scaly skin into the lens. Check out the disturbing and nightmare inducing footage below!

Sara Reynolds often reviews the footage from the wildlife cameras. They hardly ever see an alligator on film – especially one that could be one of the biggest in the country. Instead, Reynolds and her team most often view animals like raccoons, deer, and sometimes a bobcat meandering by the lens.

Because the alligator got so close to the camera, it is difficult to know just how big it was. But it was most certainly huge and big enough to seriously hurt someone.

For a long moment, the huge alligator’s body fills up the entire screen. Then its tail eventually passes out of the frame. The Caw Caw Interpretative Center County Park shared the footage on their Facebook page. It immediately went viral as thousands of people watched it over and over again. We have the footage for you below. Just press play.

The South Carolina park has seven miles of trails and has boardwalks that are supposed to keep tourists safe from the alligators. During slave days, the park was once a tea farm. It was also a rice field at one point. The habitat has been beautifully preserved over the years and has a rich history and abundant wildlife.

“We put the wildlife camera out last night and we caught all kinds of critters,” Thomas Thornton, the facility manager of the Caw Caw told The Charleston Post & Courier. “Certainly the most exciting thing was that alligator walking right by the camera.”

As if nature wanted us to know just how big the alligator was, a second, much smaller gator, walked by the camera less than 20 minutes later.

Park officials confirmed that they have spotted a gator in the park that measures 10 feet long.

“There’s at least one out here that looks like a dinosaur,” Thornton admitted. He doesn’t know if the gator on the film is the dinosaur but he thinks it could be.

Any visitor to Caw Caw must watch out for alligators. They’re always around and when the film was captured, it was in the middle of mating season. This makes the reptiles more territorial, more aggressive, and more vicious.

“There are at least two sets of little baby alligators out here,” Thornton said. Because it’s making season, Thornton said, “It’s alligator time.”

Check out the footage below to watch the giant gator walk past the Caw Caw wildlife camera and scare everyone planning to visit the park.

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