This Dog Lost His Best Friend. That’s When He Meets This Duck. Now They’re Inseparable

Updated August 26, 2016

Much in the same way that humans form bonds, animals are known to emotionally attach themselves to one another. Some of the friendship combinations are quite rare and are proof that humans and animals alike need companionship. Researchers have proven that the social bonding involved in companionship leads to good mental and physical health. Having daily interactions with others, is a natural way to boost one’s emotions and outlook.

When two animals live in the same household, they tend to build a natural bond. Dogs and cats under the same roof connect much in the same way that their human brothers and sisters do. Even smaller animals such as guinea pigs, have been known to snuggle up to their doggy siblings and turtles cuddle right up to cats.

But there is one animal bond that has everybody talking. The unlikely friendship is between a duck and a dog. Sounds strange right?

This oddball couple happens to have people and animals everywhere, venturing out to find their partners in crime, as the bond is proof that friendships help ease depression.

One day, Tennessee resident, Jacquie Litton, noticed that there was a duck on her property. A duck that happened to be waddling behind their old dog named George. At first she thought it strange, but then she realized that George suddenly had more pep in his step and he wasn’t seen looking at them with sad eyes like he had in the past. Two years before the duck made his mysterious appearance, George lost his best friend…a labrador retriever named Blackie. The two dogs had spent twelve years of their lives together and shared every second of the day playing, eating and napping side by side.

When Blackie passed away, the depression in George was obvious. It wasn’t rare for George to be seen waiting for them with a crumpled brow and sad little whines. His owners even claim that George’s heartbreak almost led him to his death two times.

But that all changed when the duck arrived on the scene. Suddenly George’s void seemed to be filled and he was feeling like his old self again. The duck, who the republican family named “Donald,” after Donald Trump, can now be seen snuggling up to George as the two take naps together. Litton and her family have no idea where the duck came from but they vowed to keep him as their pet and take care of him. It’s as if Donald is a natural anti-depressant for good old George.

Litton now finds her own joy in taking photos of the dynamic duo and sharing them on social media. Some of the photos that she’s snapped include George and Donald lounging together on the patio in the sun and Donald standing guard as George takes an afternoon nap.

While the duck’s random appearance is rather odd, it certainly has added some light to the Litton family and their well-loved pup, George. Now George can live out the rest of his days with a friend by his side and joy in his heart.