This Elephant Steps Up On The Chair Then Collapses. Wait Until You See Who Comes Over To Comfort It!

Updated June 3, 2016

When is the last time you went to the circus? For me, it’s been a very long time. But as most children and circus-goers admit, watching the animals perform is one of the best parts.

But at this circus in Belarus, the trainers were asking an elephant to do something it just wasn’t able to do. Being kept in a cage all day makes it hard to be healthy.

The crowd loves watching the elephants perform and were clapping along as one climbed up a platform. But then people in the audience started screaming as something began to go horribly wrong.

And it was all caught on video…

As the performing elephant reaches the top of the platform, it slips and loses its footing. The elephant then starts to teeter on the elevated stage as people in the audience begin to scream.

Then the elephant’s foot raises in the air where it should be connected to a step on the ladder. The elephant begins to fall off the tall platform.

More people in the audience scream as the elephant fails to land on its feet. The largest land animal on the planet falls on its hip and rolls to its side and into the edge of the audience. People watching were at risk of being crushed.

But the most amazing thing about this video clip happens after the elephant fell.

The other elephants run to their friend in order to stand by her and to make sure she is okay.

While her human trainers have little sympathy for the performing elephant, at least the other animals have her back and support her.

Fortunately, no audience members were hurt during the trick. But the elephant did sustain minor injuries.

Sadly, once she is fully recovered, the circus will force her to perform these dangerous tricks. It’s cruel treatment for these animals at the Belarus circus.

Other circuses have banned keeping elephants in their shows. Animal rights activists and other people around the world agree. Animals deserve freedom too.

A petition was created to ensure that elephants do not have to perform in circuses in Belarus. So far nearly 3,000 people have signed and pledged that elephants should not have to perform dangerous stunts.

“After reading an article about an accident an elephant had whilst performing and act at a circus in Mogilev, Belarus,” petition creator Kevin Redondo wrote, “I was immediately triggered to do something; I can’t do much in my current position, but I believe we can use social media as our best weapon to help those in need.

“The elephant was injured badly, and according to the article as soon as it has recovered, they will make him perform again.”

The elephant Kevin is referring to is the one shown in the video below. Watch the clip and sign the petition if you think elephants should be treated better.

People agree that elephants should not be forced to perform:

“Elephants Are So Smart! Glad There Taken Them Out Of Circus…. Wish PPl Would Stop Killing Them!” Vicki Simmons Ketchel from Flintville, Tennessee wrote.

“That is bloody horrible and stupid. Set them free now,” Gillian Moorton wrote.

What do you think about this treatment of elephants at the circus?

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