This Elephant Watches Her Caretaker Collapse Face Down Onto The Ground And Springs Into Action

Updated December 15, 2016

As you know, Earth is home to many amazing creatures. Besides the spectacular things humans have built, we’ve trained fish to play fetch and gorillas like to look at other pictures of gorillas.

But when the 17-year-old elephant named Thongsri saw her beloved caretaker collapse to the ground, she did something that warmed our hearts. Who knew animals had such amazing instincts like that? If I was ever in trouble, I would definitely want this elephant around.

While enjoying the sun in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Thongsri notices her caretaker getting in a fight with another man. As the fight starts to advance and become more aggressive, the elephant’s natural instincts start to kick in and she knows it won’t end well for her caretaker.

The other guy fools around with the elephant’s human and knocks him to the ground. But our elephant has no time for jokes. Within seconds, she is ready and willing to protect her caretaker at any cost. She rushes over and stands guard over the man she has come to love with all her heart. The fool who was messing with the caretaker surely won’t stand up to a huge wild elephant. The elephant surely saved his caretaker and it is an absolutely beautiful moment to witness.

When I first witnessed the bond the elephant and her caretaker shared, I admit, it brought tears to my eyes.


Elephants are an amazing animal, clearly kind and protective of the people who take care of them – as you can see in the clip. Even so, their population is dwindling due to poaching for their prized ivory tusks, worth thousands of dollars on the black market. While the poaching mostly occurs in Africa, 70% of the world’s ivory ends up in China, where it is used for medicine, art, and even just to make good luck charms.

Elephants need help, or the largest land mammal in the world is at danger of becoming extinct – along with all of the hilarious elephant videos we have enjoyed throughout the years, like this one below. All because people in China want fancy ivory letter openers and believe ivory powder will make their skin glow.

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