This Impatient Driver Wants To Be The First One Off The Boat, But He Forgets One Thing

Updated August 3, 2017

Here’s a cautionary tale about how patience can make all the difference in the world.

We’ve all felt that urgency of being in a hurry and feeling like you have no time to lose, but in this case, a driver’s impatience led to a critical and dangerous error.

While riding a ferry boat to the port of Crimea, this driver seems to believe that they have properly docked and he starts to exit. The only problem? The boat hasn’t quite gotten to land yet. The passengers are seen waiting alongside their cars, waiting for the signal that they can depart, but one vehicle begins to make the exit. The driver immediately finds himself taking a dunk as he falls into the water between the boat and the land.

Notice that one boat crew member saw the vehicle leaving and attempted to stop the car, but he was too late. Thankfully, the driver was not injured in the incident and the car was reportedly salvaged from the water. We’re hoping the driver learned a valuable lesson and won’t make the same mistake twice!

Those commenting on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the video were pretty entertained with comments such as: “I nearly wet myself with laughter. Best thing I have seen in years,” “Bet he didn’t sea that coming,” and “He was told to drop his car off at the car pool. Mission accomplished.”

Others noted: “He didnt even try to brake,” “Can’t believe he wasn’t killed by the ship crushing the vehicle,” and “People are always in too much of a rush!”

Another commenter believed that “he’s one of those who stands up before a plane has landed in order to be first off the flight.” They’re probably not wrong.

Another person cautioned: “Haste makes waste. Patience my boy, patience!”

This commenter shared their own experience with ferries, writing: “Seems to be a thing about ferries. I was on the Sandbanks to Studland ferry a while ago. They let one half off first, leaving one gate closed. The idea for those exiting is to filter one at a time from two lanes, usually this zipping works but one guy decided he didn’t want to. Ended up scraping his car down the closed gate.”

Some believed perhaps he was taking some tips from movies, with one person explaining: “In his head he thought his car would fly through the air, land with a gentle bounce and he’d tear off into the distance like they do in films!” Another said, “Someone had just watched the Fast and Furious.”

Still another person noted that they’ve seen similar behavior in their travels, noting: “I’ve used the Cross-Channel ferries two or three times a year for decades and seen some real bozos over that time. Surprised the ferry companies don’t issue the CCTV footage as a warning.”

This person pointed out (after having a laugh) that this man’s actions impacted others on the ferry: “I should not laugh at other people’s misfortune but I did. Serves him right. Sadly their selfish actions have now delayed everyone else getting off the ferry because we must all stop to sort this idiot out.”