This Is By Far The Best Method I’ve Seen To Peel An Orange Easily Everytime [video]

Updated April 18, 2017

If you’re like me, you love peeling open an orange and biting into the juicy, tart fruit. Not only is it delicious, but oranges are loaded with vitamin C and lots of other nutrients. They’re very healthy and are an important part of a complete diet – like lots of other fruits.

While oranges are delicious to eat, they can be a pain to peel. Not only do they get your hands all sticky, the peel can break and become difficult to take off in one piece. If you pull it apart with your fingernails and pile up the pieces, you’re going to love this life hack. Not only is it a much easier way to peel an orange – it makes it much quicker for your to bite into this delicious fruit.

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Did you know that blasting the orange in the microwave for 20-30 seconds helps loosen the orange’s tough skin? Not only does this trick not cook the tasty fruit, it helps maintain its freshness while making it easier to peel.

After nuking it in the microwave, allow the orange to cool for a minute because the skin will be hot. Once it has cooled, remove it and watch how easily the skin comes off.

But if you’re going to dive into this trick, be warned. The orange skin is flammable and will burn if you leave it in the microwave for too long.

You can watch this video trick from Rumble Viral on YouTube below. In it, you’ll discover yet another trick to peel an orange that does not require a microwave.

With just three slices, you can expose the juicy fruit in the middle of the orange.

First, cut off the top and bottom of the orange. Then cut again through the middle, but stop when you reach the center of the citrus fruit. If you cut all the way through, you’ll mess up the life hack.

With the top and bottom sliced off and the orange cut halfway through, unfurl the orange like it is a rolled up carpet. Watch as the edible segments inside become exposed.

More than 4 million people agree that this life hack is a great way to peel an orange. Here’s what viewers of the Rumble Viral video had to say:

“Yeah I just tried this, it basically broke into 3 pieces not unravel like his did and since I cut a little off the edges when I cut the top off they just fell apart when I tried to peel them away from the skin. I ended up just using my teeth to eat it like a watermelon, hack FAIL! Not to mention fucking sticky ass juice everywhere.”

“how long does it take you people to peel an orange. How is it quicker to get out a knife get the chopping board then get the orange and do that rather than just peeling it and this is only at home anyway.”

Do you have a “life hack” when it comes to peeling orange? Or will you try this three-slice method or the microwave?

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