This Los Angeles Home Was Just Listed For $475,000 Cash Only. But Wait Until You See The Inside. OMG

Updated February 1, 2016

A piece of junk just hit the market for $475,000 in a ritzy neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

The 1,276-square foot home in Northridge, Los Angeles “is truly the worst home in the best neighborhood,” the listing states.

The house, which was built in 1956, seems like it has never had any work done on it. It is run down and junky looking. It’s filled with exposed pipes and brown stains throughout the home. It’s disgusting. And truly unlivable.

But since the home is in a wealthy neighborhood with higher-than-average home prices, the owner is trying to sell it at a high price.

The average household income in the area is $77,366 and the average home sale price is $345,500.

Listed as a “contractor’s special” and a “flipper’s fantasy,” the home is in such a sad state of disrepair it’s uncertain anyone will want to pay the high price tag.

Whoever buys the property will need to tear down the home and rebuilt from scratch.

“This home needs a complete rehab. The pictures say everything except for the fact that this home is located at the back of a cul de sac in a wonderful well maintained neighborhood,” the listing states.

Over the years, Northridge has been home to several Hollywood film makers and sports players.

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Do you think anyone will stanch up this crappy home?

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