This Might Be The Hardest Puzzle We’ve Ever Seen. Can You Spot The Hidden Images [answer]

Updated March 23, 2017

Every day the internet produces an endless supply of optical illusions and puzzles. And because we know you enjoy spending a few minutes on these challenges, we curate the best from the web and supply them to you. While Playbuzz often likes to challenge your geography or English skills, today, they’ve got an image of coffee beans hiding something.

While it might just look like you’re gazing into a bowl of roasted coffee beans, as they name of the game suggests, inside this regular haul are actually three ladybugs and three babies’ faces.

By no means are we suggesting that this puzzle is easy. On the contrary, it is very difficult and has taken many contestants several minutes to find all six of the hidden entities. But as a little hint, the ladybugs are a bit easier to spot, as we’ll reveal below. But for now, scroll down and give this puzzle a shot – challenge your mind to think outside the box and spot the hidden images hiding in plain sight…

Before you seek out the answer in these words, give the puzzle a few minutes of undivided attention. With enough concentration, you can find all 3 ladybugs and baby faces.

But if you’re stumped (like I admittedly was), here is a clue.

The ladybugs, or ladybirds as they’re called outside of North America, are easier to find. Because they have black dots on their shells, they stand out among the brown. Plus, they’ll all clustered in the top half of the puzzle.

The babies’ faces are the same size as a coffee bean. They’re all smiling and are harder to find. While one is poking out of the assortment, two of the others are kind of hidden behind regular beans. They’re also a bit faded and blurry.

But as soon as you see the hidden figures, you’ll wonder how you ever missed them in the first place. It’s amazing what the mind will notice when it is looking for it.

While this puzzle, in my opinion, was not too easy, readers who did it on MailOnline begged to differ. They shared comments like:

“Don’t worry if you can’t see them. Try again next week,” wrote one Liverpool resident.

“I was fiendishly sharp and observant, spotted them in 5 seconds,” one reader said.

Other people found it “creepy” that babies and bugs are hiding out in coffee beans.

“I’ve just looked in my coffee bean jar and it’s riddled with babies and insects,” said one.

“Why are there miniature babies in a load of coffee beans anyway? I think we should be told…”

“Creepy. Whoever is hiding baby’s faces in pictures like this needs help.”

“Well that won’t stop me from enjoying my coffee anyone fancy joining me for a coffee.”

What about you? Was this puzzle as easy as some people claim? Or did you spend a few minutes looking for those babies?

Tell us how you did in the comments. Then…

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