This Mom Just Told The School Her Kids Won’t Be Doing Any More Homework.

Updated August 7, 2017

One mom has a very good reason for refusing to let her child to any more homework. While other parents forced their kids to engage in numerous extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities and school clubs, one mom, Bunmi Laditan, realizes that all this activity is putting deadly stress on her little girl. It’s a trend in America for children to get larger workloads and less free time to be kids. Because Laditan’s 10-year-old daughter began waking up in the middle of the night with stress-induced chest pains, she realized that school was killing her. That’s when Laditan sent an email to her daughter’s school saying enough is enough. Read what she wrote below and why.

Although Laditan’s daughter loves to learn, the mother of three wrote a letter to the school telling them the girl was done with homework. And after the email was sent, Laditan extended her message by posting to Facebook a post that has since gone viral.

Now other children and their parents are calling for more homework-free households. And Laditan thinks more parents should stop their children’s schools from overworking the kids.

“My kid is done with homework. I just sent an email to her school letting her know she’s all done,” Laditan writes. “I said “drastically reduce” but I was trying to be polite because she’s finished.”

Because Laditan has stood up to the school system and spoken up for all the overworked children in America, her post has gotten tens of thousands of likes and shares. But not only that, parents from all over agree that what she is doing for her kids is better than what hard work can do for them.

Here’s some more of what Laditan wrote on her Facebook page:

“My 10-year-old loves learning. She independently reads 10-12 chapter books a year and regularly researches topics that interest her (right now she’s writing a story about wolves). She takes coding classes, loves painting, and likes something called Roblox that I don’t fully understand. But over the past four years I’ve noticed her getting more and more stressed when it comes to school. And by stressed I mean chest pains, waking up early, and dreading school in general.

“She’s in school from 8:15am-4pm daily so someone please explain to me why she should have 2-3 hours of homework to do every night?

“How does homework until 6:30, then dinner, then an hour to relax (or finish the homework) before bed make any sense at all?

“Is family time not important? Is time spent just being a child relaxing at home not important? Or should she become some kind of junior workaholic at 10 years old?

“Did you know that in Finland homework is banned? And that they have the highest rate of college bound students in all of Europe? Children do not need hours of homework time to succeed yet we act like sitting at a kitchen table after a full day at school somehow makes sense. It does not. IT DOES NOT. IT. DOES. NOT.”

What do you think about this push for a homework-free America?

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