This New Machine Will Transform The Way You Think About Snow Forever. I Need One [video]

Updated January 24, 2017

If you’ve ever dreamed about being able to navigate a snowy terrain and beyond, then this vehicle which is part ATV and part Tank would be your dream vehicle. It’ the exact sort of vehicle The New Celebrity Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger would drive away from a devastating avalanche to get to the chopper.

But as you’ll see in the video below, this vehicle is not a thing of the imagination – it is a real vehicle that you can buy. And if you live in any place that gets a lot of snow, you should seriously consider investing in one of these bad boys. Why should your off-roading be shut down just because there are a few feet of snow on the ground? That’s what I was thinking, so I did my research and found the MTT-136 Snow Machine. And you’re going to love it too…

In the video below, you’ll see the numerous uses for this strategic and magnificent machine. Not only does the front tracts look like a chain saw, this rig can navigate snow banks and more with ease.

You can add numerous attachments to it. That means if you want to cut down lumber, you can easily drag it back home by plopping it in one of the lumber bins that are easily added to this snowmobile.

Since this video was put online a few years ago, nearly 3 million people have tuned in to check it out. And hundreds have shared thoughts and ideas about how they could use this rig.

“You should start a Kickstarter page with this, you can literally make millions there.”

“I’d buy one of these asap if I lived in a cold/snowy area or woodland area!”

“Pretty neat concept, the bigger motors it’ll need to not bog down in the powder are gonna make it heavier though I’d imagine. Alternatively maybe a shroud like a ski-doo tunnel over the top to keep excess snow from getting on top adding to the weight and friction. Really a very cool idea though, would love to see it powered by some honda 2 strokes though.”

“My grandfather built similar vehicles in the 60s, snöped. snowped, with lawnmower engines that he used for pulling timber and for hunting. glad to see that they are popular again! he ran skis behind it though,” Andreas Almstrom wrote.

One man, Mike Dufour, even recommended approaching larger companies for a licensing deal since this is such a killer invention.

“If you have a patent (or Not) take it to a company like Bombardier and sell it to them with a Royalty clause. If you wait, you will definitely lose it all. Someone else will make this and cut the rug under your feet. If it is good it will sell. Have faith in yourself and do not be too greedy.”

What do you think about this cool snowmobile? Is it something more Americans need to get their hands on? Or are regular ones okay?

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