This Nurse Posted Two Photos On Instagram That Went Viral Overnight

Updated August 4, 2017

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, guys.

A student nurse proved this notion quite effectively with two body shots that were drastically different, but actually taken within moments of one another.

She easily illustrated how a difference in the angle you pose or the clothing you wear can drastically alter what people perceive.

23-year-old Milly Smith shared the photos of herself, dressed in a black bra and tights, on Instagram (Her username is selfloveclubb and her bio notes “Body/self lovin’ bad ass momma”). The photo on the left looks completely different from the photo on the right, with Milly showing a thigh gap and small waist in one pic and in the other, she stands at a different angle with her tights pulled down.

One would think it was a before-and-after scenario showing off the impact of a diet or fitness routine, but that’s not the case, as the caption explains: “Same girl, same day, same time. Not a before and after. Not a weight loss transformation. Not a diet company promotion.”

She further explains: “I am comfortable with my body in both. Neither is more or less worthy. Neither makes me more or less of a human being. Neither invites degrading comments and neither invites sleazy words. We are so blinded to what a real unposed body looks like and blinded to what beauty is that people would find me less attractive within a 5 second pose switch! How insanely ridiculous is that!?”

She makes an excellent point.

Milly also explains the reason behind the pics, saying: “I love taking these, it helps my mind so much with body dysmorphia and helps me rationalize my negative thoughts. Don’t compare, just live for you. There is no one on this planet who’s like you and that’s pretty damn amazing don’t ya think. The world doesn’t need another copy, it needs you. We are worthy, valid and powerful beyond measure (If you don’t pull your tights up as high as possible are you really human?).”

Milly has been open about how her eating disorder and endometriosis have impacted her life and these eye-opening photos have been therapeutic for her.

The response to her images and message was overwhelming, with over 79,000 likes. Comments on the post included: “Thank you sooo much…so struggling to think anything good about myself at the moment” and “Bless you for this. Thank you!!”

Another fan wrote: “Thanks for sharing! The truth is that even models don’t really look like the pics out there as those pics are airbrushed! If we are comfortable with who we are then that is all that matters! I think you just great and you should be proud that everyone is different and there is nothing wrong with that. You rock!!!!”

This person summed up Milly’s photos perfectly: “Great post. A lovely confident woman. We need more like you in the world. Not afraid of how beautiful their unique body is.”

Still another found Milly’s honesty refreshing, writing: “They’re both beautiful but I like the right one. It’s real. It’s not tucked or posed. Just a beautiful woman being herself. #realbeautyiswithin.”