This Optical Illusion Has Been Tricking People For Over 110 Years. Are You Tricked Too? Find Out…

Updated February 16, 2016

Optical illusions have been fooling the mind of humans for generations. Most people have stumbled upon brain games from teachers back in elementary and grade school and continue to find more throughout adolescence and adulthood.

An individual’s brain may completely alter the way one views an image even if it’s the 100th time someone has seen the picture.

Psychologist Dr. Joseph Jastrow created this black and white photo to see how individuals would interpret it, and it’s been tricking people since 1899.

Some people see the photo as a rabbit, others see it as a duck. The way you visually construe the image tells a lot about the mental processing of an individual’s brain. The design of Dr. Jastrow’s research according to The Independent, was to see “how quickly one can see the second animal and how fast participants could change their perception of the drawing to switch between the two animals.”


The faster one can switch the perception of the animal you are seeing, the faster your brain is working and ultimately the quickness that your brain can work.

Another similar optical illusion will have your brain questioning the disappearance and recurrence of multiple colors as well as its black and white counterparts.

View the video below to find out if this dress magically changes color.  What colors do you see?  It may vary from person to person.  

It’s truly astonishing how the human brain works!