This Puppy Knows Exactly What To Do To Get This Baby To Stop Crying

Updated August 15, 2016

No one likes to watch a baby cry. And if it is a baby we love, it is only natural to try to do something to ease the infant’s pain. Maybe the baby is hungry, needs a diaper change, or just tired. But it is crying out for our help.

While the sound of a crying baby is irritating, it is the only way the child can communicate with mom and dad. Usually, the crying won’t stop until the baby gets what it needs. That’s exactly why one mom was absolutely stunned, when her restless, crying baby stopped. It seems like this cute beagle knows the trick to subduing the baby girl in pink. And mom is dying to learn its secret…

After laying her baby down for a nap, mom decided to get a little shut eye herself. But after only about 15-minutes, the crying baby woke her. Mom decided to look at what was happening through her baby monitor.

But that’s when she witnessed the most unprecedented thing…

While watching the video footage through the baby monitor’s camera, mom saw the family’s beagle, Charlie, saunter on over and stand by baby Laura’s crib.

Mom decided to watch for another moment. And then she realized that Charlie wasn’t just curious. He had a plan to help baby Laura go back to sleep.

Charlie sniffs the baby’s hand and then lifts up his paw and pushes the crib. Charlie is planning to rock this baby back to sleep.

Apparently the dog had been watching as mom rocked the baby to sleep. And he figured that since mom wasn’t right there, it was his duty to get the baby back to sleep. So Charlie keeps rocking the crib back and forth with his small paw until the crying baby quiets and drifts back off to sleep.

Watch the adorable clip below to see Charlie pushing the crib with his paw in order to get baby Laura to relax. It’s an incredible skill this dog picked up. And as you can tell in the 60-secons of footage, Charlie is super proud of his ability to rock the baby back to sleep.

This family dog has got to be the best babysitter. Not only can he get the baby to stop crying, he knows how to rock the crib and lull the infant back to sleep so everyone else in the house can get some much needed rest.

Apparently, Charlie has gotten so popular through this video and others that he has his own channel on YouTube.

With more than 55 million views on hundreds of video, Charlie the Dog has gotten more than 52,000 subscribers who tune in and watch the pup’s latest antics online. His most recent video has to do with the new hit movie Angry Birds and how Charlie reacts to them in real life.

Here’s what some adoring fans wrote in to say:

  • “Awesome is a Huge understatement.. and the dog is loving it !!”
  • “awwwww soooooo sweet”

Now check out the adorable footage below!

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