Three Guys In A Work Van Decide To Catcall Young Blonde, Experience Instant Regret

Updated October 10, 2017

22-year-old Courtney Greatrex hates nothing more than disrespectful men. Because she is an attractive young woman from London, she has to deal with inappropriate comments about the way she looks. And while on her way to work one morning, workers in a white van began to call out obscenities to her at 7:30am. She was trying to get to London’s underground transit system, but it was slow going. This gave the workers in the van plenty of time to harass Greatrex about the way she looked and the fantasies they wanted to fulfill with her with or without her permission.

The men followed her about the city. They rang bells at her and shouted at her. She was beginning to get very afraid because they refused to leave her alone.

“They kept making comments at me out of the window, so I told them it was harassment. They just laughed and carried on, even when I got more aggressive and told them to leave me alone,” Greatrex told Daily Mail. “After that, they still didn’t stop, so I took a picture of the van and they tried to hide their faces.”

The men thought they could get away with the sexual harassment. But Greatrex was much too smart for them. She noticed the company logo on the side of the van and knew exactly what she was going to do to them.

She shared her story on Facebook where it promptly went viral.

“Before 8 a.m. this morning, I got repeatedly goaded by these three men in their van in slow traffic. They followed me down the road, ringing a bike bell and whistling at me to look at them and laughing. So I took a picture of their van, told them to leave me alone, and they hid their faces but not before calling me a f***ing whore — for walking to the tube.

“Don’t get me wrong, sexual harassment is alive and well in London, and this happens most morning. But today I’m not accepting it. Don’t worry, boys, wolf whistling from your company car means your boss is about to find out all about it!

“I spoke to their boss, who dealt with it really well, but the company needs to take ownership of the fact that these men were in a car marked with their details. He called me back to say that one of the staff members has been sacked and they are properly investigating the other two employees tomorrow.”

Because she was able to get revenge on the men after they tried to humiliate her and threaten her and sexually harass her, she became a hero for thousands of women who face this type of torture on a regular basis. In major cities and small towns across the world, men think they can treat women like this without consequences. Greatrex proved that she was not going to take the abuse lying down.

Do you support Greatrex on her mission to get back at the men who humiliated her?