Thugs Go To Attack Lady Alone In A Park, Little Do They Know How Badly It’s About To End For Them

Updated July 12, 2017

When a trio of bored migrants walked through a park yesterday, all they saw was potential victim after potential victim. They were ravenous for violence. And when they spotted a young woman walking by herself, they followed her into a vulnerable area. Because she seemed like an easy target for their deranged desires, they knocked her to the ground and held her still. As they were about to violate her in public, they suddenly realized the secret she had been hiding. And they were sent running for their lives.

As more people come into America who do not appreciate or respect the abundant freedoms we get to enjoy here, they become drunk with their liberty and take it out on innocents. Refugees and immigrants come to America for a reason. Besides the ease of breaking into the country or hopping over the border, illegals wants to come to America because they know no one will kick them out. Hopefully, that will change over the next four years.

One of the countries most affected by the immigration crisis is Germany. The number of violent sexual assaults that have been reported there have increased as more immigrants flooded their country. On New Year’s Eve alone, more than 1,000 women were sexually assaulted in Cologne, Germany. After constant cajoling, authorities have finally admitted that refugees perpetrated those violent sex acts in mass.

Because of the sexual assault risk for women in German, few women go out alone anymore. With homeless refugees roaming the streets of every major German city, women no longer enjoy the freedom of going to the park or taking a walk along the river.

After a 38-year-old woman was saved from gang rape, the German newspaper Hunde Verhinderten Vergewaltigug has hailed the most unlikely person the hero. As the lady was walking through a green park in Lohfelden on Sunday morning (when most Christians are getting ready for church), three men attacked her.

She was unarmed and they targeted her for their gang rape. They thought she was helpless because she wasn’t carrying a gun. They were wrong.

The trio had ignored the pair of dogs the woman was walking. As the migrant rapists knocked her to the ground and began tearing at her clothes, the German shepherd and Labrador retriever sprung to action. They refused to let their caretaker receiving the criminal abuse.

Because the woman had let the dogs off the leas, the would-be rapists hadn’t noticed them. And as soon as the dogs realized their owner was in danger, they came running.

The tough gang rapists screamed high-pitched squeals as they saw the dogs and their teeth. They let the woman go and ran for their lives. The dogs chased after the trio of would-be rapists until they were far away from the park.

The victim escaped with minor injuries and her dog was unharmed. Fearing she would be labeled a racist for reporting the assault, she didn’t call police. But upon hearing her story, her neighbor urged her to. Fortunately, she did and the police are now looking for the assailants.

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