Toddler Hears Grandma Accidentally Say A Bad Word, Her Reaction Has Me In Stitches [video]

Updated May 15, 2017

While her family calls her “Josie the D.I.T.” everyone else knows her simply as Josephine. This little girl is a Diva in Training that the entire world loves to watch on the internet. Every time she uploads a video, the little girl makes thousands of people smile.

She is no stranger to the camera. And over the past two years, a lot of Josephine videos have been shared to her dad’s YouTube channel. Together they have more than 10,000 subscribers and counting. One of her most popular videos shows her singing Old MacDonald Had a farm. She was just 23 months old in that adorable clip and it got about 9 million views.

While that video was cute, this one below has to be the internet’s new favorite. In it, Josie the D.I.T. heard her grandma say a bad word. And little Josie refuses to let the elderly matriarch live it down for a minute. Watch her unleash her tirade on granny in this video. It is so cute!

The video begins after Josie already heard her grandma utter the “bad word.” She storms around the house and eventually puts her back to the wall.

She tells everyone that she is upset. And then they ask her if they’re talking to them. In the end, the only person she is not talking to is her grandmother.

She looks at the camera and says, “I’m not talking to Mimi. ‘Cause I’m really upset.”

A woman off camera asks Josie, “Why are you upset with Mimi?”

“Because she is saying bad words to me,” the little girl says.

“What did she say?” the off camera woman asks. She sounds genuinely shocked to learn that the matriarch is using curse words around the toddler.

“She said a bad word to me! Cause, cause, cause she said poop.”

The video descriptions for the viral sensation reads: “Every once in awhile Josie will go on a tangent and it’s usually quite funny. She certainly knows how to SOUND like an adult. By the way, she does NOT say “When my mommy and dad beat me up”. She says “…PICK me up…”, as in, when we get home from work.

The video has been so popular online that hundreds of people have shared comments including their love for little Josie. Here are some of the most popular comments:

Natasha Anderson wrote, “Omg I love love love this little girl. She kills me with laughter. I watch her if I’m in a bad mood. She is too cute.”

Barbara L wrote, “OK I need many videos from this one. It’s not funny, Mimi!”

“she so reminds me of my 3 year old wee granddaughter Ruby-Rose. She is also at the age of knowing right from wrong with the bad words and other things so will be very upset with us adults if we do naughty words too,” shared a loving grandmother.

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