Toddler Notices His Parents Don’t Look Right, Dials 911. Saves Their Life. Now They’re In Jail

Updated May 25, 2017

When a young boy watched his parents dying before his eyes, he ran outside and several blocks to his step-grandfather, Kenneth Currey’s house to raise the alarm bells. After Currey called 911 to get medical attention to help the unconscious heroin addicts, he was outraged that Lee Johnson and Chelsie Marshall had been taking heroin in front of their 5-year-old boy. If their 5-year-old boy hadn’t been able to fend for himself, his parents would have died on the heroin overdose…

The five-year-old boy was not the only child endangered by these dope fiends. His 3-month-old sister was strapped into a car seat and crying as the heroin-addicted parents nodded out around her.

When the boy ran outside to get his step-grandfather, he was barefoot and ill clothed. He knocked on the man’s door and told him that his parents had died. That’s when Currey ran to the other house to check on the druggie duo. He thanked the boy for his quick thinking.

Currey arrived to find Johnson and Marshall overdosing on heroin. They were unconscious on the floor.

“I’m very proud of the boy, very proud of him, but it’s just tragedy,” Currey told WLWT.

That’s when the grandfather saw the youngest child strapped into a car seat although she was in the house. The heroin addicted parents didn’t even have time to strap her out before indulging in their profuse amount of drugs.

Because Currey called 911, medics arrived and administered the help that was required. Marshall needed 14 doses of Narcan to regain consciousness.

This incident happened at 5:30am in Middletown, Ohio. And since the incident went viral, Middletown police chief Rodney Muterspaw labeled the boy a hero and asked all of Ohio’s heroin abusers to see what can happen.

“People that are doing this, you’re not just hurting you, you’re hurting your families and your kids. I mean this could’ve turned out really bad for two children that don’t deserve it,” Chief Muterspaw told WLWT.

Police reported that after Lee and Johnson were revived, they acted like no harm was done. They showed no remorse about terrifying the little boy and the grandfather. Since then, the abusive parents have been charged with two counts of endangering children and one count of disorderly conduct with heroin.

Meanwhile, the boy and his little sister are under the care of able family members.

Readers across the internet expressed outrage at the horrible encounter. Daily Mail readers wrote:

“A five year old boy should never, ever, have to do this for his parents. I hope they lose custody of both children and the children are placed in a loving stable home together. Put the children first, these two lost the privilege of parenting,” shared Kate from Melbourne, Australia.

“Sometimes it’s people like these that convince that having kids should not be a right, the kids do not deserve to live under such circumstances and be punished for their idiotic parent’s choices and actions. Maybe they should start issuing licenses for people to have kids or send them to a mandatory course to teach them how to be decent parents prior,” shared an anonymous reader.

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