Toddler’s Explanation for Coloring Her Face With Purple Marker Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Updated July 13, 2017

Ah, kids. Young children don’t have the capacity to properly fib without mom or dad totally seeing through it.

You’ve got to give them credit for trying, anyway, as this video a dad filmed of his toddler explaining why her face and arms have been colored purple perfectly illustrates.

This kind of thing isn’t uncommon, as most parents have found their little one getting into trouble rather quickly when they weren’t looking.

Kids always seem to get their hands on markers and explore more than just a piece of paper, with the typical application being a nearby wall. Others like to test out how their own body works as a canvas – hey, you never know until you try.

Dad Rod Hummel was taking care of his three kids, Hailey, Jake, and Ethan, giving Hailey and Jake paper and pencil to draw while working with Ethan on his homework.

Seems like a good plan, right? He posted the video to Facebook, explaining, “I thought I had confiscated all of the markers. I was wrong.”

Kids will always find those, despite a parent’s best attempt to secure the area.

So, he assumed that Hailey was drawing quietly, when in fact, she used a purple marker to draw all over her face and arms.

Rod confronted her, recording the moment for posterity, of course. When he asked “What did you do?,” check out Hailey’s sad expression, as he further questions, “Did you color on yourself?”

She nods her head and he asks, “Was that a bad idea?” Her answer: “Yeah.”

Rod then asked, “Why did you do that for?,” with Hailey explaining, “Because mommy said I can color in my own face.”

Just to clarify, dad asks, “What did mommy say?,” and he gets the same line, as she says sadly, “Mommy said I can color my own body.”

Yeah, we’re guessing that’s not exactly the truth, but you’ve got to give this kid credit for thinking fast on her feet. Dad’s reaction is a giggle, before he asks, “Mommy said you can color yourself?”

The truth finally came out, as Hailey answered, “No.”

Now we’re getting somewhere. Rod asks, “Do you know how long it’s going to take daddy to clean all that off?” Hailey answers, “Yeah.”

After he explains, “long time,” Hailey finds a silver lining, noting that the marker “doesn’t stick on my princess finger nails.” So there’s that, at least.

Dad further asks her if she was trying to look like Barney, which she answered “no” to, with her father then saying, “No, you just wanted to be purple?” “Yeah,” she says, with the cutest expression.

Who could be mad, honestly?

People weighed in on the video on Facebook, with Hailey’s mom, Sara Walker Hummel, responding: “Mommy got thrown under the bus once again!”

One person noted, “You just can’t be mad when they are that adorable,” with another commenting: “Nice job holding it together. I’m literally laughing so hard I’m falling over. She’s the absolute cutest thing to ever walk this planet.”

Most of the purple marker came off after an hour, with her dad explaining, “It took about an hour of soaking and a lot of scrubbing.”