Tourist Finds Out Why You Never Mess With One Of Mother Nature’s Creations [video]

Updated June 13, 2017

In a clip, which is thought to be filmed in India, a young female tourist wades out into the water to get closer to the elephants. While she has been assured that the elephants are safe and kind, she learns quickly enough that the guides weren’t telling her the whole truth. In the end, the guide apologizes for how the elephant treats her. But if you want to see just how much this elephant didn’t like the tourist, press play on the video included at the bottom. Check it out now!

As you’ll see when you watch the clip, the woman struts over to the large elephant who is in the middle of getting his relaxing bath. The young tourist assumes that she can just splash some water on the elephant and join all the fun. But she is sorely mistaken.

The young woman, who has removed her pants, leans forward and tries to touch the elephant’s trunk. The large land mammal does not approve. It lifts up its head and hooks the young woman with its tusk. Then it launches her up into the air. She flies through the air and lands with a smack on the hard ground near the edge of the water.

She was not expecting that treatment from the elephant.

While elephants might seem like kind and friendly creatures, building a relationship with them takes time. It was foolish for the young woman to assume that she could just reach out and touch the elephant.

According to “Building trust with elephants can be a long difficult process, especially when they have spent their lives being controlled by humans. With continuous love and care, we hope to show our elephants that they are now safe and no longer need to fear pain or punishment.

“At Care for Elephants the elephants can roam through the jungle receiving plenty of fruit treats and lots of affection. As time goes by, the elephants will become more confident and learn that they are now safe and free to act naturally. With their devoted new mahouts by their side, these elephants receive love and affection every day.”

Elephants are an endangered animal which means their population is decreasing. As poachers continue to hunt and kill elephants for their ivory tusks, these animals continue to dwindle. Besides that the habitats for elephants shrinks every year. These massive animals need a lot of space with plentiful food supplies to survive. But deforestation is taking that away from them. A world without elephants would be a sad place to live. writes, “The two species of elephants—African and Asian—need extensive land to survive. Roaming in herds and consuming hundreds of pounds of plant matter in a single day, both species of elephant require extensive amounts of food, water and space. As a result, these large mammals place great demands on the environment and often come into conflict with people in competition for resources.”

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