Tourist Volunteers To Feed Hungry Ostriches, Results In Funniest Video I’ve Seen A Long Time

Updated March 16, 2017

Poor Eileen. She had no idea what she was getting into when she went out to an ostrich farm in South Africa. With a bucket of feed in her hand, the ravenous ostriches instantly swarmed Eileen eager to get what she was holding.

The moment when this terrified woman gets pushed into the group of flightless birds was caught on camera. And as you’ll see, she’ll probably have nightmares about the incident for the rest of her life.

Watch the amusing clip below to see this tourist get swarmed by the birds. She had no idea what was coming!

When the video starts, Eileen has her back to the birds. She holds the large white bucket of birdseed against her chest. And she starts to backpedal.

Little does she know but she is walking right into the clutches of the swarm of hungry ostriches.

The tour guide is seen pushing her back into the birds. Perhaps, this is part of the experience. If it is, it is an up-close-and-personal encounter with these large birds.

They reach over the fence, brushing past her hair, and into the bucket. They pick at the food source without the second regard to Eileen who has gotten stuck in the cycle.

The birds continued to ram their beaks down into the large bucket of feed. Meanwhile, Eileen bites down and closes her eyes – clearly afraid that these gigantic birds will accidentally bite her instead!

Throughout the horror show, one of her friends instructs Eileen to “Open your eyes and smile!”

Now you tell me, but what kind of friend would say that? The hilarious clip was posted to Instagram where it went viral. It was captioned with: “Eileen hosts a hen party.”

Although Eileen was terrified during the ostrich attack, afterward she saw the humor in the moment. She said, “It was like being attacked by raptors in Jurassic Park!”

She also remarked that the birds had diva-like personalities and made doing a normal photoshoot a real “pain.”

“It’s such a pain shooting with birds,” she wrote. “They’re so hard to work with – can never remember their lines, and always running offset between takes to ‘stretch their legs’. Impossible!”

Dozens of people shared their thoughts about the funny video on Daily Mail.

“Mind your eyes! Ostriches can kick like a horse too…,” one person shared.

“The one’s in the back never got any because of the aggressive bullies in front,” shared James Conrad.

Others thought the video was a hoax.

“What a load of rubbish! This is not a terrified woman being savaged by ostriches. This is an attraction at the ostrich farm which you can take part in if you want. It is called an ostrich massage! The food is to attract the firms and the “massage” is given by the bird’s necks banging on your shoulders. Their necks are strong but covered in a soft “fur”. It is actually very pleasant.”

“She was pushed backward by a park ranger. She is not terrified. It is like being licked on the face by a bunch of puppies,” shared Eddie Y.

Some viewers find ostriches ‘creepy’.

“An Ostriches brain is small than its eye …..this combined with their size makes them a truly creepy and unsettling creature to be around,” a London reader wrote.

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