Town Has Wonderful Surprise For Boy Who Had No One Show Up For His Birthday Party [video]

Updated May 9, 2017

Do you remember the carefree days of youth? The thrill of playing with all your friends, being allowed to eat whatever you want, and being the center of attention? For most children, there are few moments in life as anticipated as their birthday.

We just found a story about a young boy who recently got to celebrate his birthday not once, but twice, thanks to social media and a community that cares. You are going to love this wonderful story when you read it.

Adonai Gutierrez is like most seven year olds. He likes cake and pizza and running and playing with his friends. And most of all, he really likes his birthday, when he can do all of these things at the same time.

Except for little Adonai, this year was different. His parents had planned a blowout party for him in a local park in Woodland, California. The party featured a bounce house, tons of pizza, a huge cake, and just about every other thing a seven year old could want.

Except for guests. For some unknown reason, nobody came to Adonai’s party. After waiting hours, the family packed everything up at 9pm and headed home. They even brought along the cake, which was not even touched.

His parents could not understand what had gone wrong. They had sent out invitations in plenty of time, and had been posting reminders all week in social media.

As they returned home that night, little Adonai was left wondering why he should even bother celebrating his birthday ever again.

And then something strange happened.

During the night, tales of Adonai’s party spread out on social media networks across town, and before you know it, a second bash was in the works. This time however, the whole town was invited.

The next day, as Adonai was driven back into Jack Slaven Park, he was greeted by more than two hundred well wishers, all singing “Happy Birthday” just for him.

He remained stunned for quite a while, not quite sure what had happened. But he eventually came around.

His mother, Maria Lopez, said “I think this is great. There’s a lot of love here. And I’m super grateful.”

During the night, the story went viral in the social media sphere and was even picked up by a few local television news stations. That is when Ryan Boone jumped into action and became the party planner.

Ryan had never met Adonai or his family, but was moved by the story, and decided to make sure that Adonai had the party of a lifetime.

Mission accomplished, Ryan!

Boone was able to assemble all the requisite party gear, and call up tons of families with kids Adonai’s age. He was even able to get the city to waive the twenty dollar per hour permit fee for the use of park facilities.

He even managed to score a specially printed tee shirt for the birthday boy.

When it was al said and done, the whole town turned out to prove that it really does take a village to raise a child.

What are your best and worst childhood memories of birthdays? Please share them with us here.