Treasure Hunter Seeks Fame On WWII Battlefield, Then He Lands The Mother Load [video]

Updated June 14, 2017

When a few treasure hunters decided to look for a mother lode, they took to an old World War II battlefield in Russia. Because it was a lesser-known place of battle, few other explorers had ventured out there with their metal detectors. This made it a lot easier for them to find amazing things underneath the ground that had hardly been stepped on in decades. When their metal detectors kept ringing and ringing, they decided they had no other choice but to did. And when they hauled up rusty firearms, they knew they had found a secret stash left behind during the war. Check out what they found below!

When it comes to these wartime guns, pictures are worth a thousand words. As you scroll through, we’ll offer more information on this haul. But you’ll do well looking at the details caught in these pictures. They certainly reveal a lot about how they were treated and cared for.

Gun Owners for Freedom and Security-MT shared the photos on their Facebook page and left us with an intriguing caption, which read:

“Artifacts found by a Russian battlefield archaeologist on the eastern from[sic] of WWII. Caution: some images may be considered graphic, but are being posted for educational and memorial value.”

Along with rusted rifles and handguns, the treasure hunters also found grenades and ammunition. Many of the weapons and items were imbued with the Nazi swastika.

Similar photos were posted last year in Vintage News. The program was labeled “Nazi War Diggers” but it did not bode well with the public because of the sensitive nature of the program.

“Nazi War Diggers was cancelled by the National Geographic channel in 2014, and by Foxtel in Australia this year, after archaeologists slammed its gruesome content,” the outlet reported, adding that the program followed, “two metal-detecting enthusiasts, a Polish relic hunter and an American military antiques dealer as they excavate battlegrounds across Eastern Europe.”

People on the internet have had excited reactions to the WWII gun photos. Here are few shared on Facebook:

“Some millennial is crying in a corner right now because they showed a Swastika. They don’t care about the bones but the symbol has given them PTSD for the rest of their lives. You should be more considerate of others feelings,” Roy Wolf said.

Dixie Farris wrote, “I love history, I wish we could get kids excited about the past, and have them understand that it’s important to learn from the past, so we don’t repeat those mistakes in both the present and future.”

AJ MacNeil hoped they were safe about extracting the explosives: “Did they have to bring an expert on explosives to handle the grenades and mines? That would scare the piss out of me digging down and finding a hand grenade, or worse a pressure mine. I am fairly certain I would end my experience right there and go find a bar somewhere to drink instead.”

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