Truck Driver Ignores Important Road Sign, He’s Lucky The Only Thing He Lost Was His Job [video]

Updated March 16, 2017

Highways and roads across America have clearly defined routes for commercial vehicles. This is to protect our infrastructure from overloads, accidents, and other costly problems that can slow down traffic and put lives at risk.

Well, we just found the commercial vehicle driver “fail of the day.” in this YouTube video shot by a motorist, we get to see a semi-trailer smash into a low bridge on a road in Long Island, New York. You are not going to believe what happens when the truck driver fails to heed the signs.

You have seen them: the signs that tell commercial truck drivers that they are required to use a different route, the signs that say “caution: low clearing”. They are the guides for commercial truckers to know where they can and can not take their vehicles. And they exist for a reason.

As this YouTube shows, not everyone who has a license to drive a commercial vehicle knows how to drive one. In this clip, shot by the following motorist, a truck driver on a road in Long Island, New York, failed to follow the directions that clearly told him his truck was too big to travel on that stretch.

Luckily, no one was injured when the bonehead finally massively failed.

This video has been watched more than two million times and has over a thousand thumbs up on YouTube.

Many people have also commented on the video, saying things like:

“That trucker never once thought, “Hmm, where are all the other trucks?”

“The driver definitely is not familiar with the NYC metro… there are tons of these parkways all over the place and every last one of them is loaded with signage saying trucks/buses/trailers stay the hell away.”

“I think I said ‘oh no’ about four thousand times up until it actually happened. True suspense. Hitchcock would be proud!”

“The driver had at least 2-4 signs telling him PASSENGER CARS ONLY, NO TRUCKS, NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. I live around here, and work in logistics, there are TONS AND TONS of signs before the SS Pkwy, NS Pkwy, MB Pkwy. This is the Meadowbrook(thought it was Nstate thanks for correction). Also, every bridge has a sign before it and ON IT stating its clearance height. This guy simply did not pay attention.. again, the guy recording could do NOTHING, because if signs had been ignored.. or missed… what makes you think this guy is gonna listen to some guy in a car doing hand signals, or yelling at him doing 55-60mph?”

Of course, this being the internet, there were those who defended the trucker and thought that the person recording the incident should have been more proactive, saying things like:

“”I knew that something was about to happen” Then why didn’t you beep at him and try to get him to pull over?”

“You had plenty of time to inform the driver and yet you chose to videotape it instead.”

“I also blame the Government & the highway authority for this disaster.”

Have you ever seen a commercial driver fail this badly? Share your stories with us here.