Trump Is Making Headlines After His Response To Officer Who Crashed Riding In His Motorcade : AWM

Trump Is Making Headlines After His Response To Officer Who Crashed Riding In His Motorcade

This past Wednesday, as President Trump roils in the national anthem controversy, a group of officers were escorting him back to Air Force One. But then an Indianapolis Police Officer, Robert Turner, lost control of his motorcycle and crashed it on I-70. Although it is unclear if the officer was speeding at the time of the crash, passersby nevertheless stopped to snap photos of the injured cop – but didn’t stop to help. Images have begun springing up on the internet showing Officer Turner with bleeding lacerations as he lies on the ground in a lifeless clump near his fallen motorcycle. While Indiana residents drove right by him, not caring if the cop was alive or dead, President Trump put a halt on his plans as he waited by the phone eager to hear from the fallen cop.

Eventually, an ambulance arrived rushed the injured officer to the hospital. But they left his motorcycle in the middle of the road to be picked up later. Because he had accrued some injuries, he was placed in a neck brace and was in what appeared to be poor condition.

But then he received a call from President Trump and his spirits perked right back up.

Because Trump had heard that Officer Turner had lost control of his motorcycle and crashed on I-70, he refused to let Air Force One take off until he spoke to the officer who had escorted him.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shared a video that showed Officer Turner speaking to the president. And on the other end of the phone, the Commander in Chief is wishing Officer Turner a speedy recovery as well as thanking him for his service in the motorcade.

When Indianapolis PD uploaded the video to the internet, they captioned it with:

“Video of injured Officer Turner speaking with President Donald J. Trump. POTUS delayed taking off from #Indy until he was assured Officer Turner was ok and he also called and spoke with the Officer. #ThankYou

“On behalf of the IMPD, we would like to take an opportunity to thank President Donald J. Trump for his thoughtful act in delaying his departure in Air Force One until he was assured that the officer injured in the motorcade accident was ok.

“Calls were made by his staff to Chief Bryan Roach checking on Cycle Officer Turner. President Trump even took the time to speak with Officer Turner after the accident, to check on him. Thank you for your compassion, concern, and leadership Mr. President.”

During the presidential campaign, President Trump came out as the law and order candidate. And now that he is building his border wall in San Diego and displaying his affection for police officers, it is very clear that Trump aims to hold true to his promises. Taking a moment to make sure the officer who was involved in a crash while escorting the president was ok, shows he cares.

What do you make of this presidential moment? Why do you think the liberal media isn’t running this story?