Trump Makes Good On Another Promise, Donates His First Salary Check To National Parks Service

Updated April 10, 2017

As every billionaire knows, you don’t reach that height of wealth without valuing every dollar that comes into your life. And President Donald Trump, despite what the naysaying liberals want their constituents to believe, just proved that he values America more than his own personal wealth.

When Trump was presented with his first quarter salary as president of the United States, he decided to pay it forward to the great nation rather than horde it for himself like Obama had done. And press secretary Sean Spicer announced that Donald Trump was donating his salary from the first quarter of 2017 to the National Park Service.

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When the press briefing began, Spicer handed a check for $78,333.32 to the Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Tyrone Brandyburg, the superintendent of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in West Virginia.

Spicer then said that his money was special. It was the president’s complete salary from his inauguration to March 31, which closed out the first quarter.

“The Park Service has cared for our parks since 1916, and the president is personally proud to contribute the first quarter of his salary to the important mission of the Park Service,” Spicer said.

During his campaign, Trump, who is already a billionaire, promised to give away his complete presidential salary of $400,000.

On Monday, Spicer said that White House counsel’s office provided President Trump with a list of governmental offices that he could give his presidential salary to. He generously chose to give back to the National Park Service, which provides millions of Americans with relief from city living and access to nature every year.

Zinke was “thrilled” that Trump chose the National Parks Service for his donation. The nearly $75,000 would go toward refurbishing infrastructure at America’s 25 national battlefields.

“These historic places tell the story of conflicts that helped shape our country’s history, and they also honor the many men and women who have given their lives in service of this great nation,” Zinke said in a statement. “I’m honored to help the president carry out his love and appreciation for our warriors and land.”

Shortly after the donation went through, the conservative policy organization criticized Trump for engaging in a “publicity stunt.” Especially considering that Trump has proposed budget cuts for the Department of the Interior.

“You can’t propose $1.6 billion in cuts to our public lands, then pretend a $78,000 donation makes it better,” said Greg Zimmerman, the conservative center’s deputy director. “The White House needs to protect America’s parks and public lands, not pay lip service to them.”

During the donation process, Spicer went for a laugh after describing how difficult it was for Trump to give his money away. Although the president promised back in 2015 that he wouldn’t personally take any of his presidential salary, the government makes it hard for the president to give it away.

“Ironically, it’s not as easy to give money to the government as you would think,” Spicer said.

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