Try Passing This Elementary School Test Without Making a Single Mistake. How Did You Do?

Updated February 10, 2017

When you are out of school for awhile, you tend to lose that everyday brain stimulation involved in solving problems. As they say, “When you don’t use it, you lose it.” Just like the muscles in your body, the brain needs to be worked every day in order to maintain health and quick wit. Daily brain stimulation leads to a variety of different benefits including: an increase in your memory power, less boredom, improved concentration, improvements to memory and brain processing speed, a reduction in the risk of dementia and an overall boost in your brain activity. And let’s face it…it pays to have quick responses in the midst of a heated conversation.

Reality shows have proven that school-age students tend to be quicker on their toes when it comes to solving problems. “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader,” is one quiz show that has adults questioning their own wit. When you are exposed to problems on a daily basis, then you are more likely to be able to recover quicker when it comes to being stumped.

And nowadays, it’s as if it’s just natural to reach for the calculator to solve a problem. But, every now and then it’s good to stimulate your mind and get that brain working. Here are few problems to try out. The answers are listed below, so try not to peek. And don’t you dare reach for a calculator or a phone that has the capability to solve problems.

Take the quiz below:



Several commenters who took the tests, found that there were some answers that were slightly off…

“Question 7 gave an incorrect answer… Ever heard of the rule BIMDAS??? Brackets, Indicies, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction??? The answer is 1 not 9!”

Which led to several arguments amongst the test takers…

“After u solve the bracket, it turn out to be 6 divide 2 multiply 3…..the division and multiplication is same level so you gonna solve it from left to right. The answer will be 9. Trust me. I’m an asian and also an engineer.”

“Question 7 is apparently WRONG, Following the BODMAS, We get 1 and also to recheck if I have correct answer or not, I used calculator and the output was 1 as well!!”

“What sort of calculator do you use and how do you type in the numbers? The correct answer is 9. From my head but also from my calculator. It makes no difference if you do 6×3/2 or 6/2×3. The answer is 9. The answer would be 1 if you had 6/2/3.”

Evidently, there may be more than one answer for several of the questions, according to some of the commenters…

“Question 6 is also wrong. The kid got a D grade which means he answered it wrong. So since we know that right-angled triangle is the right answer, isosceles triangle is the wrong answer because no two sides are equal in the triangle.”

Those scientific calculators were tough to maneuver back in the day, but with the rapid technology updates in the world, students are more likely to learn calculating skills far faster than they were years ago.