TSA Agent Says 20-Pound Monster Is The Weirdest Thing He’s Even Seen Brought On A Plane (video)

Updated July 10, 2017

TSA agents recently found an impressive 20 pound live lobster in a traveler’s cooler at the airport…now that’s a big souvenir!

WBZ-TV in Boston explained that this isn’t all that rare, noting that “Lobsters can travel in either carry-on or checked bags,” adding, “They’re a common sight at New England airports, but this one was notable because of how large it is.”

True enough, that’s one huge lobster. The size of the animal aside, the lobster quickly gained some internet fame when a TSA agent posed for a photo with it and shared the image on social media.

TSA spokeman Michael McCarthy posted the photo and the response was overwhelmingly negative due to the agent’s disregard for passenger privacy.

NBC reporter Scott McGrew questioned: “If lobster was legal baggage and allowed to continue, why take a picture of it and post it? Privacy issue?”

Another asked, “If they find something interesting in a checked bag, they can take pics of it and send to media?”

The owner of the lobster was understandably miffed over the photo, explaining to the New York Times that the giant seafood and some other pals were in the cooler, which was wrapped with duct tape and marked ‘Live Lobster.’

TSA agents at the Logan International Airport in Boston removed the tape to have a closer look, with one agent holding it up for a photo.

Christopher Stracuzza, from Savannah, Georgia, who bought the 20-pound lobster from a seafood market in Connecticut, noted, “You don’t think a lobster gets stressed too?”

Stracuzza was confused when he received the cooler and it was wrapped in TSA tape, telling the NY Times that a friend clued him in, noting, “‘Your lobster is all over the internet.’”

Stracuzza was furious, explaining, “Just because it was labeled ‘live lobster’ doesn’t mean there could be a bomb in there. They are dumb. They are like the dumbest people in the world.”

He also told Inside Edition, “What it all boils down to is just they shouldn’t be able to just go through people’s luggage and post their photos online.”

Meanwhile, the owner of the Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook, Lisa Feinman, took to the store’s Facebook page to share her outrage, writing: “This TSA agent should mind his own business. When is it okay to go through someone’s checked baggage and take photographs? I am personally angered by this because I packed this checked cooler with care and concern for the lobsters and my customer’s personal property. In addition to this lobster, my customer also purchased several other lobsters all of which were purposefully packed on top of this guy.”

She added: “Seriously, nothing better to do? And who would be to blame when these lobsters show up with a claw broken off because the T.S.A. agent doesn’t know how to properly handle a lobster? Do your job and leave our personal property alone.”

TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy said that agency officials contacted Feinman to explain: “We share images through social media to provide helpful travel tips and to better inform the traveling public about T.S.A.’s mission.”

One commenter noted on the Inside Edition story: “They posted a picture of someone’s property without their permission. Doesn’t matter if it was a lobster.”