Two Guys Waiting For Tow Truck Investigate Pile Of Trash. End Up Saving A Life [photos]

Updated June 27, 2017

It happens to all of us – and always at the worst possible moments. Our car breaks down. Like when you’e on your way to your college graduation. Sometimes it is engine trouble. Other times it is a flat. Whatever it is, it is always at the wrong time. Except when it seems to be an act of divine intervention, as it was for these two men from England. When their car broke down near a trash pile in East Tilbury, England, they were forced to wait for the tow truck. While they were waiting, they noticed something among the heaping mound of refuse that stood apart from the rest. It was a white and brown female dog, a breed called Saluki. This ancient dog breed was one of the first. But this poor animal was malnourished and searching for scraps in the trash pile. These men came at the perfect time…

The two commuters knew they had to act. So, they dialed the local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Rebecca Benson, an inspector, was sent to the scent to investigate the malnourished dog.

“She was curled up behind a large pile of debris and rubbish,” said Rebecca Benson. “She could only just manage to lift her head.”

After a quick check, Rebecca estimated that the dog was about 18 months old. If the men hadn’t had their breakdown, no one would have ever seen her from their moving vehicles. She blended in with the trash.

“She’s literally been thrown out with the rubbish and was dumped at a location where she could have easily never have been found.”

Benson later named the young dog, Penny. At the scene, she was found covered in trash, caked in mud, and was difficult to see except for someone with a discerning eye.

“I hate to think what could have happened to her if they hadn’t broken down in the area and stumbled across her,” Benson recalled.

Because they knew the dog was in bad shape, the two men offered Penny water. But she didn’t trust them and refused the act of kindness. Perhaps, a human from her past had been both neglectful and cruel toward her.

Penny was on the verge of death. And if these men’s car hadn’t broken down, she would have surely perished.

When Benson arrived, she worked to help gain Penny’s trust. When she did, she brought her to the local animal health center. Veterinarians gave her a check up and diagnosed her with a troubling problem. They figure she has a severe gastrointestinal problem that requires surgery to correct.

Benson believes that Penny was abandoned because of her health problem.

“I strongly suspect she’s simply been cast aside because she needed some veterinary attention and her owner didn’t want to pay for that,” Benson stated.

Now Penny is improving. With the treatment and love from her caretakers, she is getting re-hydrated and back on her feet.

Nevertheless, Benson has seen few cases as bad as this one in her career at the animal society.

“To do something so cold and callous is just heartbreaking and I’d like to find out who is responsible,” she said.

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