It Wasn’t Until They Get Rusty Box Open That They Realize It’s Historical Significance For America

Updated August 10, 2017

When the Civil War was ending, the Confederate army was forced to retreat from Richmond, Virginia back deeper into the South. But as they fled, the generals did not leave empty handed. Reportedly, they left the battleground with untold wealth and treasure. But it never got reported anywhere and the gold simply vanished into thin air. For a century and a half, the missing Confederate gold was a thing of legend. No one knew if it was real or not. Or if it was hiding in plain sight or under the ground in some battlefield. But after a lifelong journey, some men have discovered the truth about the missing gold and the reward is huge.

The issue of slavery in America was one of the driving forces that pushed the Southern states to secede from the Union. While the rest of the world had moved on from slavery, the South was not ready to let go of their hold on it. The economy in the South relied on the free labor of slavery to keep it afloat. So, unwilling to give up slavery, southern states left the United States of America and formed the Confederate States of America. Thus the Civil War began.

Jefferson Davis, a politician who represented Mississippi, seized his opportunity and rose to become president of the confederacy. Yet, he was not succeeding. So, he tried printing more paper Confederate money to pay for his war effort. This caused massive inflation and ultimately added insult to injury as the South lost the war and took a hit economically.

In the end, the South lost the war. But before the North took over, Confederate Secretary of Treasure, George Trenholm, liquidated the South’s assets to preserve them. Soon the war ended in April 1865 when Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Army fled Richmond, Virginia giving it to the Union.

During their retreat, Davis and the Confederate troops stole as much gold as they could carry. When the Union Army captured them not long later, the treasure was gone. More than 8,000 pounds of Mexican silver dollars simply vanished. Where did the Confederates hide their treasure?

Dozens of theories have come forward trying to find the missing Confederate gold. Some thing it was distributed to the rich plantation owners. Others think it was buried or sent to relatives. Treasure hunters think it was scattered with some far up in the north.

Then in 1972, Kevin Dykstra and Fred Monroe were having an intimate night between friends. They decided to go diving into Lake Michigan for treasure.

A ferry boat allegedly carried a lot of treasure when it went under. They wanted it for themselves.

It wouldn’t be easy to find the boat. But Monroe and Dykstra were desperate to get rich. They found the boat and realized the back door was already open – had someone already stolen the treasure?

While they hadn’t found the treasure, they think they’re closer than ever and they won’t give up.

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