Two Puppies Get Into A Scuff, Now Wait Until You See How A Third Dog Nearby Reacts [video]

Updated March 9, 2017

We all know that puppies love to play. But when neither dog is able to let up a bit and allow the other one to win, these playful bouts can evolve into real fights.

That was what was happening in the video below. Two young dogs started playing, but when neither one was willing to lose for the game, they started baring their teeth and getting aggressive.

But before things could escalate any further, a mature dog ran over from down the hallway and jumped up on the leather couch. That responsible dog then breaks up the fight before any pooch is hurt.

Check out the adorable video clip below to see how these animals reacted!

Within fifteen seconds of the video starting, the two puppies have already started showing their sharp teeth to each other. While this can certainly still be a playful gesture, it is not at this moment. These dogs are really starting to fight – play has changed to real aggression.

The dogs jumped onto each other and bat each other with their front paws. They lunge and jab with their snouts.

Then the hero dog runs around the corner and bounds up onto the couch.

From its stance behind the further dog, the mature canine barks at the little guy. He forces the dog near the camera to back off and stops the fight from progressing any further.

The dogs then calm down and become friends again. It was just a matter of reminding them that they don’t need to fight.

More than 3 million people have watched this video footage. Check it out below and here are a few comments that have gotten very popular:

“That dog assessed the situation, found out who is at fault. took charge and took control,” wrote user potugadu.

“Responsible dog says: If y’all don’t stop clownin’ Imma knock the teeth outta both ya heads! Now stop actin’ a fool!” shared mrbrockpeters.

“He came to the scene much quicker than cops would have arrived. Usually they arrive only to collect evidence from the crime scene, usually the next day !!!!,” Mohan7 shared.

“It’s not just the slide in that gets me…it’s the slide in, checking out the situation for a moment, and THEN: ‘HEY!  Hey!’” The Mind of B wrote.

“He was able to deescalate the situation quickly and with no one getting hurt. The police in America could learn a lot from that dog,” FrankGarrett316 shared.

Other users assigned personalities to the dogs.

“Dogs fight. then a cloud comes up and stops everything,” joked Star Moral.

“Shame on you two behaving like that in front of our humans,” wrote Erueti Foster.

Others viewers simply think the dog deserves praise – or a treat!

“That dog deserves 1000 doggybiscuits!” shared MirrorMei.

“I think the Title should be responsible dog breaks a fight, while irresponsible human shoots video,” joked Mike Kel.

What do you think about this mature dog’s intervention? Do you think it was instinct or training?

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