Two Robbers Walk Into A Bar Full Of Off-Duty Cops, Ends Horribly For Them

Updated September 5, 2017

Robbers and theft are often crimes of convenience. Burglars and armed robbers want an easy pay day so they target victims who they think are vulnerable. Burglars that target residential neighborhoods often look through windows to see if they can spot any valuables before they even bother breaking in. If they know there is a TV or computer within easy reach, they’ll be much more likely to target the home. The same goes for armed robberies. The criminals want to get in and get out with the cash. They don’t want to struggle or risk their lives in the process. But not all burglars think through their crimes. And in Baltimore, Maryland, two young men chose the wrong bar to rob because it was a popular spot for off-duty police officers.

In Baltimore Joseph McInnis III, 21, and his 22-year-old accomplice Tyree McCoy targeted a bar popular with the police force. On the day of their robbery, it was filled with dozens of off-duty officers busy celebrating a fellow cop’s retirement. Everyone showed up to send off the good cop and wish him well on his next adventure.

McInnis and McCoy stepped into the wrong bar. And it all sounded like a bad joke.

Apparently, the armed robbers decided to hold up the food take-out part of the Monaghan’s Pub restaurant in Woodlawn. They pointed a gun at the pub employee who then handed over the bag of cash. Then the two robbers ran away with their loot without knowing that dozens of off-duty cops were there to catch them.

“At that time, the person who had been behind the counter knew that there was a retirement party for a police officer happening, so they went into the other portion and alerted the officers to the fact that they had just been involved in an armed robbery,” Baltimore County Police Officer Jennifer Peach said.

McInnis and McCoy did not get very far with their windfall of cash. The off-duty officers brandishing their guns dashed out into the street and pointed their firearms at the armed robbers.

Now the two young criminals are being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center on charges of armed robbery, theft and more.

“I’m sure that they weren’t planning on there being a large room filled with police officers,” Peach said.

The owner of the pub, Jack Milani, was shocked that they were robbed because the police precinct is directly across the street. Every shift change many squad cars come and go on the street. And police officers are frequent customers at the pub.

“It’s kind of odd you would even attempt it,” Milani said. “Officers are always in here. There was a decent amount of them.”

The retirement party was for David Neral who has been a dedicated member of the Baltimore Police Department since 1988.

Do you think these two young criminals thought about what they were doing? Why would they target this pub popular with the police department?

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