Two Thugs Decide To Pick Fight With Random Driver, Have No Clue He’s A Professional Fighter : AWM

Two Thugs Decide To Pick Fight With Random Driver, Have No Clue He’s A Professional Fighter

As soon as you know that someone is an MMA fighter, you should know better than to challenge them to a fight. And even if you’re with a friend or two, you should know that you might still be at a disadvantage unless you’re a trained fighter yourself. Like the armed robbers who tried to steal from a convenience store, they were thwarted when the MMA fighter behind the counter took them out. In this clip, you’ll watch as two thugs decided to take a baseball bat to the wrong person’s car.

When they got into a fight following a road rage incident, they decided to bring out their weapons. But little did they know they were starting a fight with a trained MMA fighter. And it was not going to end well for them.

In the clip, you’ll see what happens when someone targets a trained MMA fighter. Although they are armed with a deadly weapon – the baseball bat – the trained fighter manages to defeat the thuggish duo with surprising ease.

The incident was all caught on dashcam. And you’ll see the thug jumping from his car armed with the bat after he got into a heated argument with the MMA fighter behind the wheel of a Peugeot 206. He first threatens the MMA fighter with the weapon. And then he takes it to the car to cause some damage. But the act only ended up costing the thug as he was the one to get taken down to the ground in a matter of moments.

The MMA fighter, who is still unnamed, jumps from his car after the thug bashes in his vehicle. And then he dodges the swinging bat like an expert. Before long, he catches the thug on the chin and knocks him to the ground. With one punch, he took out he guy with the bat.

Now it’s time for the friend to join the fray. He tackles the MMA fighter like he is a football star but this proves not to be good enough. The MMA fighter turns the tables on the thug and gets him into a chokehold. The fighter tightens his grip and then lowers the thug to the ground as they disappear from the camera frame.

When the men enter the video frame again, the MMA fighter is clearly winning. His legs are wrapped around the thug’s torso and he is tightening his grip on the man’s neck. The thug passes out. Then the thug throws his unconscious body to the ground on top of the knocked out guy.

Then the MMA fighter flees the scene and speeds off in his vehicle.

The couple who managed to record the scene then call for the police and an ambulance because the two thugs are clearly injured.

The MMA fighter is proud of his victory. He maneuvers around the thugs’ empty car and gets away to safety.

It is unclear if the police ever identified him and made an arrest or not. The thugs did make the first move though. What do you think?