Two Years After Her Baby Was Cremated, Mom Gets Call From Funeral Home There’s Been A Mistake

Updated August 29, 2017

A Pennsylvania mom has had a traumatic experience two years after her baby was cremated. Now she is living a nightmare that she can’t wake up from. Last week she discovered the truth about her baby’s cremation remains. And it is a shocking, disgusting truth. She thought that she had possession of her daughter’s remains but now she just learned that the ashes were really dog ashes. She is broken, saddened and angry that a mistake like this happened and she was duped for two years. And now Jennifer Dailey is speaking out about it.

Two years ago she had a stillborn baby. She baby was named Jennifer Sky and was cremated in April 2015. It was a sad day for Jennifer. She had the baby cremated at the Bauer Funeral Home in Kittanning, PA. She trusted the funeral home with her baby’s remains – and they failed her.

The funeral director handed over a white box with a smile and told Jennifer that her daughter’s ashes were in there. But he was making a terrible mistake.

“It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from,” Dailey told WTAE.

For two years, Dailey held onto the remains. Only recently, her husband suggested they spread the ashes somewhere that would be meaningful for the family. That’s when Jennifer learned the truth about what was really in the box. And she couldn’t be angrier at the Bauer Funeral Home.

“I finally worked up the nerve to look into her urn and look at her ashes and there was a metal plate in there and I read it and it said Butler Pet Cremation and when I seen that I knew something was wrong,” Dailey said.

When Dailey came forward about the mistake, the funeral immediately apologized. They had not done it on purpose. Apparently the funeral accidentally swapped remains with the Thompson-Miller Funeral Home.

“They told me a mistake had been made and I was given somebody’s pet and they were given my daughter. It turned the worst thing that could possibly happen to me in my life into a thousand times worse,” Dailey said.

After the story got out, Glenn Miller, the owner of Thompson-Miller Funeral Home apologized.

“The mistake is mine. Quite honestly, I made a mistake,” Miller told WTAE. “I had two identical containers. I just simply put the wrong label on the wrong container. The Bauers and the Bauer family and the Bauer funeral home are not at fault.”

Meanwhile Jennifer Bauer Eroh from the Bauer Funeral Home also apologized saying she was “deeply saddened” by the life-changing mistake that was a result of “human error” as she called it.

As if by magic, the two funeral homes located the baby’s remains. They returned them to the Daileys. Nevertheless, the couple is “horrified.” And they are going to do a DNA test and file a lawsuit against the funeral home.

“It’s humiliating. I’m horrified. As many times as I sat and cried and held that urn and cried myself to sleep, grieving for my daughter and it was somebody’s dog,” Dailey said, adding that she doesn’t accept the funeral homes’ apologies.

Do you think they should file a lawsuit against the funeral home for their horrible mistake?

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