Ultrasound Confirms Doctors Suspicion, Baby Does Something They’ve Never Seen Before

Updated October 12, 2017

Here’s a medical case that’s very rare: a woman’s unborn baby kicked so hard that its leg poked out of her womb, according to the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in southern China.

This is such a rare occurrence that only 26 such cases worldwide have been reported.

The Chinese woman’s unborn daughter kicked forcefully enough to tear a wound in the wall of her uterus. The baby was born at 35 weeks via a cesarean section, with both baby and mother in stable condition.

The hospital posted a statement on social media about the incident, noting that the woman arrived in the morning with severe abdominal pain which she believed were just stomach ache symptoms.

Upon closer investigation with ultrasonography, doctors discovered that Ms. Zhang’s baby had torn through her womb. The statement does note that according to Ms. Zhang, she had an operation in 2016 to have a fibroid removed from her uterus and became pregnant six months following that surgery.

Doctors believed that she had a uterine rupture on the site of the incision. Given the severity of the situation, she was in critical condition and required emergency surgery. The baby was born just 10 minutes after the C-section began.

Dr. Zhong noted that there was a 2.8 inch long rupture on Ms. Zhang’s uterus and that the amniotic sac had broken and the fluid was draining into her abdomen. The scar from her surgery was located at the bottom of her uterus and when the baby kicked the area, it caused the rupture.

Dr. Zhong further noted that women who have had an operation to remove a fibroid are advised to wait one to two years before becoming pregnant, following sign off from their doctor a after having a complete reproductive check.

Those who weighed in with comments on The Daily Mail’s coverage of the story joked: “Rosemary’s Baby” and “soccer player,” with one person noting: “‘Kick’ my foot! This was an escape attempt. That calls for an additional 6 weeks of gestation tacked on. I’d also toss that womb looking for contraband cell phones and the like.”

Among the comments on the Little Things Facebook post about the story was one person who believed this kid will never live down the story: “That kid is never going to hear the end of it lol. I’m glad she’s okay though definitely an experience she’ll always remember and a crazy but amazing story.”

Another commenter shared a similar story, writing: “This happened to me in my third trimester probably about 7 months along, my doctor didn’t believe the amount of pain I was in nobody believed me until they cut me up open for my c-section. Realized my uterus was already torn open they said I was lucky I didn’t go into labor. We could have lost myself and my baby.”

And this person explained that hearing of this story while she was pregnant would have made her hyper-aware: “So glad I didn’t hear about this before I had all my babies. Every abdominal pain, ‘Honey, the baby just kicked through my uterus! I know it!!'”