Unborn Baby Almost Kills Her Mom Due 1-In-A-Billion Event, Even Doctors Are Lost For Words

Updated October 16, 2017

Imagine looking at your pregnant belly and seeing your baby’s leg almost poking out of your womb? Believe it or not, this is a situation that actually happened to a mom in China. According to the hospital, this is a very rare thing to happen, so it is not likely something the average pregnant woman is going to have to worry about.

The unborn child kicked her mom so hard that the uterine wall suffered more damage to a wound that was already present. Mom, Ms. Zhang, had a previous surgery that resulted in a uterine wound and her unborn child just happened to kick this very spot.

When Ms. Zhang was 35 weeks into her pregnancy, she gave birth to her strong little girl via a cesarean section. The hospital that cared for mom and baby report that both of them were in stable condition following the surgical delivery.

On October 2nd, Ms. Zhang was taken to the hospital at approximately 10:00am after experiencing abdominal pain that she described as very severe. She was a first-time mom, so she had no previous experience with pregnancy or the sensations that it might cause.

Her family believed that she might just be suffering from a stomachache. However, at the hospital, doctors wanted to be sure and they performed a B-scan ultrasound. This showed them what was really happening and saying that they were completely shocked was an understatement. The imaging study allowed them to visualize the womb and they could see the unborn child’s legs coming out of the uterus and into Ms. Zhang’s abdomen. This is something that none of the nurses or doctors on the case had seen before.

In 2016, Ms. Zhang reports that she had to have surgery to have a fibroid removed from her uterus. Within six months of having this surgery, she became pregnant with her daughter. A fibroid is a type of tumor that can grow in the uterus. While it is often benign, it has the potential to cause other problems that can be disruptive to a woman’s life.

Initially, Ms. Zhang’s doctors thought that her abdominal pain might have been related to her previous surgical history. It was believed that at the site of the previous incision, a rupture occurred. However, once they discovered the truth behind her pain, they said her condition was considered to be critical and surgery was immediately planned.

Doctors and nurses prepared her for a C-section and within 10 minutes of the start of the surgery. Ms. Zhang gave birth to a baby girl. Along her uterus was a rupture that measured at seven centimeters in length. Thankfully, her amniotic sac remained intact or else the situation could have been a lot more dire for both mom and her baby.

Due to privacy issues, additional information concerning the operation and the current state of recovery for mom and daughter has not been released to the public.