Unrecognizable When Found, Rescuers Perform Miracle. Leads To Unreal Transformation [video]

Updated April 20, 2017

As much as we love dogs around here, we just hate to find stories that tell of their suffering. Dogs depend on humans to take care of them and when someone thoughtlessly discards a dog, it breaks hearts.

Well, we just found a story about a stray dog, thanks to Inside Edition, that begins as sadly as any you can imagine, but ends on a high note that will leave your heart full of happiness when you watch it.

After a life of hard times on the streets, a Texas dog is finally living the lap of luxury.

Just a few short weeks ago, Reba, now named Honey bee by her caregivers, was found wandering the mean streets of Houston, mangey and suffering from a myriad of skin and digestive problems.

Dr. Karri McCreary of Youtube channel Vet Ranch described Honey bee’s condition, saying she was covered in fleas, open sores, and suffered from mange, as well as swollen feet and malnourishment.

When she was first brought in off the streets, the veterinary team ran tests to diagnose her and develop a course of treatment. They proceeded to treat her with a combination of topical creams for her skin problems and oral medication for worms.

Now, ten weeks later, she has a new coat of hair and is a different dog. Best of all, she has found a new forever home, where she is living the life.

Dr. McCreary says “She still has a long way to go, but it’s amazing how she looks. She is already spoiled rotten. She’s just a great dog.”

This story about Honey Bee has won the hearts of dog lovers all over the internet. It has been viewed more than fifteen thousand times, and many people have left comments such as:

“Thanks Vet Ranch, y’all are angels. Bless all of you.”- Jen Train

“I was crying at the ‘before’ photos. anyone else?”- Sofia Cueva


“I want to be a vet when I grow up.”- Rohit Balagi

“that poor baby. I’m glad she’s doing so much better now.”- 1Kiranoir

“She is sooooooo adorable! I want to adopt her!”- Izzy

“It’s always nice to see VET RANCH on a news channel!”- Anon.

If this story has you thinking about how you can help stray animals, here are a few ideas that might be up your alley.

Obviously, the first thing you can do is adopt a rescue dog. Shelters are always crowded, and taking a dog can mean making room for another little guy stuck on the streets.

If you can not adopt a dog but still want to help, you can always donate money, dog food, toys, and leashes and collars to a shelter. The money can be used for expensive vet care and medications, and the other stuff can make life easier on the dogs. Call your local shelter beforehand to see if they have a shopping list of items you can provide.

Another way you can help is by donating your time. Even if your circumstances don’t permit adopting a dog right now, helping out at a shelter can give you your fix, while performing critical tasks like walking the animals, keeping their areas clean, and making behavioral observations that can help the shelter make the best adoptive selections.

Have you ever helped out at a rescue shelter? Share your stories with us here.