Veteran Has No Idea His Marine Grandson Is Right Behind Him, Then He Feels A Tap

Updated September 19, 2017

One of the most difficult aspects of life in the US military is the long months spent away from friends and family while a service member is deployed. It is also an aspect that is equally difficult for their loved ones. We just found a beautiful moment captured on video and shared on Facebook; one in which a young Marine returns home and surprises his grandfather, who is also a veteran. Your heart will melt when you watch these two men embrace.

This video clip was posted by a Facebook user named Blameiton and went viral almost immediately. In it, we see a young Marine return home to his family to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday. The catch is that no one told the old man that his grandson would be joining him for the celebration.

It has been viewed more than seven million times and shared almost three thousand times, generating over five hundred comments. Facebook users have been posting such comments as:

“Crying so hard I can’t stop. How beautiful. Happy birthday and God bless you young man for your service. And making your Grandfathers day so special.”- Jane Shindledecker

“They are not like you and I! They were in the line of fire while we are sitting watching TV or having a drink on the beach, etc. they are heroes indeed and if we don’t recognize that then we are cowards to say it politely!”- Yvette Tanius

“Happy Birthday Sir. Oh great was that your grandson was able to surprise you. It would bring tears to anyone’s eyes as it did with me! Thanking your grandson for service our Country for keeping us safe.”- Judy Johnson

“What a wonderful surprise for grandpa. This is probably the best present of all time. Knowing his grandson is safe & to come home on his birthday. God bless all of you. And thank you for your service & protecting the USA. Your grandfather is so proud of you.””- Shirley Richards

“I’m writing this, with tears in my eyes. Thank you for your service and fighting for our freedom. My prayers will be with you, Until you come home safely. Thank You for sharing this with us.”- Sandy Sigmon

“This was so touching. They both know what it means to fight for this country and are true Patriots! This is exactly what president Trump understands!”- Mary Kuntz

“God bless them both. Are you watching Mr. Trump? This is something beyond your experiences or understanding. How many of these will you sacrifice? Do you really comprehend?”- Bob Kroger

“If you have never been in the military you don’t know what they were feeling. Being far away from family and not knowing what might happen is tough. God Bless you both.”- Louie Faulk

“Such a happy/sad moment. Loved every second of that hug!!! Thank you young man for helping to secure our Freedom, God Bless you! What a wonderful Birthday gift you presented to your Grandfather……YOU”- Sandra Cihia

“This is a great story of family. Thank you young man for your service to and for this country. Thank you for helping keep America free. May God watch over you and keep you safe. God bless this family.”- Juanita Loid

Have you ever been separated from a loved one because of military service? Please share your stories with us here.