Veteran Who Stole Car To Save Vegas Victims, Gets Call From Local Businessmen; Changes His Life

Updated October 12, 2017

While Stephan Paddock was shooting down at the crowd of country music fans from his hotel room, one man, a United States military veteran, was doing everything he could to help save innocent lives. The veteran, Taylor Winston, decided to “steal” a vehicle off the street so he could help escort Las Vegas massacre victims to the hospital. Although he technically took the car, he was doing it to help save lives. And an Arizona car dealership owner recognized Winston’s bravery and courage. So now, Shane Beus, the owner of B5 Motors in Arizona, has decided to give Winston a vehicle of his own. He wanted to honor the 29-year-old Marine veteran who stole a pickup at the scene of the October 1 shooting and brought about two dozen victims to safey.

Beus thought a gift of a free car would be fitting for Winston since he needed one during the Vegas violence.

On Monday, Beus honored Winston with a Ford F-150 from his dealership. He wanted the veteran to know that his act of valor was appreciated and recognized.

“My biggest reason was the example that he showed to myself and my children, and because of his selflessness,” Beus told . “He acted so quickly. He ran back in there under fire to help the most critically injured people. So I think he needs to be shown as a hero as an example to America.”

Beus read about Winston’s heroism. And was inspired by how the man had taken the car to save lives. Wanting to meet him, Beus put out a call on social media for people to connect him with the Marine veteran. Eventually strangers helped connected Beus with the hero.

As soon as Beus got in contact with Winston, he gave him the choice of the used Ford or two other vehicles. Each car he was offering him cost about $20,000.

Beus proudly shared a video of the moment he gave the hero the car on the car dealership’s Facebook page. The clip was viewed tens of thousands of times within the first 24 hours it was posted online.

Although what he did was as heroic as any action movie star, Winston denies that he is a hero. Even though the murderer was raining bullets down all around him as he took victims to the hospital, he still doesn’t think he deserves to be called a hero.

“There was a lot of bravery and courageous people out there,” Winston told CBS News after the shooting.

Winston stole the truck because he wanted to help people. He just so happened to find it with the keys still inside. And after he transported victims to the hospital, he returned the truck to its owner.

Now that he has a Ford F-150, Winston says he will sell his old vehicle and give all the money to a fund designed to help the Las Vegas victims.

“He was very humble,” Beus said. “This man and his girlfriend are completely humble and grateful to be here to help the [surviving] victims.”