Veteran’s 4-Year-Old Tells Him What Lunch Lady Did To Her At School, Takes Swift Action

Updated May 18, 2017

No one likes the idea of children going hungry. At least no one, except for one lunch lady who was eager to shame a 4-year-old girl. Thankfully a military hero was nearby to teach the evil woman a lesson.

Because children cannot work for their food like adults can, a hungry child is truly the fault of the adult. And if a child cannot afford to pay for a meal, it is not the child’s fault. Nonetheless, lunch shaming is becoming popular in American schools. When children cannot afford to buy lunch or get “free” lunch, the school staff and peers shame them into catatonic states. That’s exactly what happened to one little girl…

After serving in the U.S. Army for 32 years, Kevin Holt finally retired. But he was not done serving America. He became a teacher and started serving as a special education teacher in Central Texas.

Holt has seen a lot of things in his life. He served as a medic, mechanic and helicopter pilot while in the Army. And now as a teacher, he has seen a whole lot of other strange things.

But what this Army veteran saw recently within the walls of his school shook him to the core. And in that moment, he knew that something needed to be done.

As the most important meal of the day, breakfast, was being served at the school cafeteria, Holt watched on in horror as a 4-year-old girl became the victim of an evil lunch lady.

As the child stood waiting in line, the cashier announced out loud that the girl had no money to pay for the meal. But Hold could not stand the cashier’s tone. It was like fingernails grating on the chalkboard.

Then the lunch lady did the unthinkable. She dumped the 4-year-old girl’s food in the trash and ripped her carton of milk from her hand.

Holt was offended by the cruelty. He would have paid for the lunch but was not carrying $1.50 in cash at the time. Holt felt depressed as the little girl continued to cry. Meanwhile, her peers jeered at the “poor girl” as they devoured their hearty breakfasts.

Holt said, “Insult to injury is the fact that they dump the food in the presence of the child. The message that sends to a child is ‘I care about my bottom line. I don’t care about you or your feelings or your hunger.’”

While Holt wanted to blame the cashier, he knew the problem was bigger. And Texas was to blame.

He created a petition to enlist the help of others to change the law that allowed schools to withhold meals from needy children.

Meal shaming targets disadvantaged students. It either prevents them from getting a full meal. Or it gives them a lesser meal like a sloppy cheese sandwich. Either way, their peers know their parents do not have enough money to buy them food – and it is embarrassing.

Thankfully teachers like Holt stand up for these children. Although he did not talk to the cashier about the way she handled the situation, he did try to do something. And hopefully people continue to sign his petition.

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